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Pounding The Table

Rich and Jo Ann Davis on May 9, 2011

Recently, there was a meeting of the ABWE missionary administrators from around the globe in Florida. When our turn came to report on the strategy for the Caribbean, Central America and Mexico (CCAM), the primary question was "What makes you pound the table?" What is the passion – the motivation - for why you do what you do? We could find no better words than those which came from the pen of John when he wrote:

And they sang a new song, saying:
"You are worthy to take the scroll,
And to open its seals;
For You were slain,
And have redeemed us to God by Your blood
Out of every tribe and tongue and people and nation,
And have made us kings and priests to our God;
And we shall reign on the earth." (Rev 5:9-10)

As we worship with believers from different countries (including our own) we are constantly reminded that one day soon we will be together exulting and worshiping the Lamb and the Lion. To know that we will be at His Throne along with the saved from "every tribe and tongue and people and nation" deeply moves us to serve our Lord as He has gifted and called us. To have a part in helping these chosen people believe in the Redeemer and to become His disciples is truly our passion. This is, of course, simply another way to describe the Great Commission.

Last November, we were worshiping in Jamaica and couldn't help but leave with the hope that we could sit in the Jamaican section in Heaven! Is this what Heaven will be like? The same powerful desire came again during the most recent stay in Jamaica a few weeks ago! Tears of joy flow thinking on the blessed hope that we have before us, and we are certain that you too rejoice in this wonderful promise.

 How Did the Lord answer your prayers?  

Our trip to Mexico City (click for pics) in February was like being on a spiritual mountain top. We were invited to do some training with our ABWE missionaries in cell group development with the goal of planting multiple churches. But our hearts were filled to the brim with joy as we witnessed the Lord drawing Team Mexico together to launch a wonderful new vision for Mexico.

Perhaps you prayed that we would be used of the Lord to be a blessing to the missionaries and national believers in Mexico. The Lord, however, turned those prayers around in such a way that the missionaries were a blessing to us! In either case, thank you for praying for Mexico.

It is not unusual for the unexpected to "interrupt" the course of one's life or ministry. As it happened, Rich received a call from a friend of many years in which we learned of this man's vision to impact Jamaica. The result of that call was that within a couple of weeks, Rich was on his way to Jamaica to meet our dear friend and to participate in the "Ash Wednesday Conference" (click for pics) of the Baptist Churches. Wonderful new friendships were made among the leaders and believers in the Jamaican churches. Rich was also privileged to preach one Sunday morning in Calvary Baptist Church in Kingston and to share the passion of reaching all of Jamaica, the Caribbean and beyond with the gospel.

You may not have known that Rich was in Jamaica at the time, but without a doubt, he was sustained by your prayers. Giant steps were made in the direction of partnering with some of the fantastic Jamaican leaders to see more evangelism and new churches started. Please pray now that the Lord would continue to nurture the seeds that have been planted in regards to the newer paradigm for starting churches.

Our visit to Florida was a blessing as we went primarily to strategize with the ABWE administrators representing about 70 countries where our missionaries are stationed. It was a privilege to be in the room with so many godly men and women who have been greatly used of the Lord for many years in their respective countries and ministries.

We dealt with matters that directly affect the way ABWE carries out the Great Commission around the globe in partnership with the churches and individuals who have sent us from our home base and those receiving peoples representing every tribe and tongue and people and nation. Some of the matters were breaking news affecting ABWE at the moment, and others were matters concerning the future.

The future always brings change, and both Jo Ann and I are anticipating the possibility that our ministry to the nations may expand beyond all we have experienced thus far. Please lift us up in prayer as we seek the Lord's timing and blessing to use our gifts and experience in an even broader scope.

We also took advantage of being in Florida to visit our pastor from many years back as well as dear friends now retired from Peru as well as Jo Ann's aunt and uncle. Friends and family are like the most beautiful flowers that brighten the garden of our lives.   

How could you pray for us now?

 The second week in May we leave for a week in England where Rich will officiate in the wedding of an amazing friend of ours from Peru and her English fiancé. Once again we will be able to visit more dear friends that brighten our lives who happen to live in the vicinity.

At the beginning of June, Rich will be traveling to Santiago, Chile to team teach the Good Soil evangelism and discipleship material. This will be a wonderful opportunity to interact with the leaders and believers of Chile as well as enjoy the fellowship of great missionaries. This trip might also serve as a preview of the way the Lord may expand the scope of our ministry in the future.

On the very day that Rich returns from Chile, we depart for our next ministry assignment on the island of St. Maarten in the Caribbean. We will be teaming up with one of our wonderful friends serving in Nicaragua, Mark Henzler, to lead a session on missions at the Leadership Conference of the West Indies Baptist Churches.

Upon return from the Caribbean we will have a few days to prepare for our next journey – this time to our northern neighbor, Canada. The meeting in Canada will be focused on Latin America and the Caribbean as we huddle with the overall administrator for that part of the world and the regional administrators of Brazil and Spanish speaking South America. We will be mapping out our strategy for the road ahead in our specific region.

There is no way to express how important each of you is to the implementation and success of the ministries we have shared. Beyond all doubt, your prayers are what we covet the most. Thank you for your faithfulness in prayer as well as in giving. One day we'll be able to sit in Heaven (near the Jamaican section!) and look out over the multitudes from every tribe and tongue and people and nation and rejoice that we were labourers together with God in the greatest adventure of them all.