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Indies On Our Hearts

Rich and Jo Ann Davis on December 19, 2011

West Indies

St. Thomas

Yes, we arrived in the West Indies about 6 weeks ago and found plenty to do at the Bluewater Bible College (BBC). Rich began teaching the course on "Missions" two days after landing on the island and Jo Ann was buried under a mountain of paperwork in the business office. The real Saint Thomas is often remembered for his doubts, but in our case St. Thomas has given us little to doubt. There is no doubt that we are needed this year, and there is no doubt that we are rejoicing at the privilege for serving here. 

Our last update included a prayer request for us to be able to purchase a car on the island. The answer to your prayers was the provision of a great used mini van! We were able to purchase it, put it into good repair and ship it to St. Thomas for just over $5,000 which was what the Lord had provided for this project! Our home church, Calvary Community Baptist (CO), along with the West Side Baptist Church (MT) put the shekels together in order for this need to be met. Our plan is to use the van for this school year and then leave it with the college for use in ministry after we move to the next assignment. Thank you so much for praying! Check out some of our newest pictures here including campus life and the van.

CuracaoRich trying to figure out QuickBooks. The truth is that we need QUICKHELP with this stuff!!Rich trying to figure out QuickBooks. The truth is that we need QUICKHELP with this stuff!!

We will be heading to Curacao for the annual meeting of the West Indies Baptist Fellowship of Churches in January. This meeting will require quite a bit of work as we will be representing BBC. The Bible College is a major project of this group of churches and Rich will have a session before all those attending, as well as meetings with the Board of Trustees. Reports are being prepared now, during the holiday break, in order to help the interested churches have an accurate picture of their school. 

We mistakenly thought that we would be free from reports once we finished the role as administrator for ABWE! Trying to fill the shoes of the couple who have been doing this job for the last 10 years is quite a challenge. We do need your prayers as we seek to contribute to this great college, while giving a little relief to the actual President. Our commitment in the West Indies is to serve here until June 2012. Following that date, we are putting ourselves anew at the Lord's disposal for the next assignment.


Many of you will remember how we fell in love with India and its people in 2005 (Tsunami relief) as well as 2006-2007 (training in Church Planting and Good Soil evangelism/discipleship development). While most of our missionary career has been spent church planting, teaching in the Lima seminary, and starting a Christian School in Peru, the Lord has given us a heart for people in many other places. We are wide open to the Lord's leading in the east or the West Indies. In fact, we are wide open to the Lord’s leading wherever He could use us on the planet!  


In the film industry, "Indies" refers to films made independent of Hollywood. In a few short days, Jo Ann and I will become "Indies" in the ABWE world. That is to say, that we will move under the branch of ABWE called "International Ministries. We are excited about the new opportunities that this relationship allows as we could have assignments just about anywhere around the world without being tethered to any particular region.Thank you for all your prayers on our behalf as we gave our hearts to the role of administration in the Caribbean, Central America, and Mexico (CCAM). Now we covet your prayers as we complete in our first assignment under "International Ministries" with ABWE here at BBC in St. Thomas. We also covet your prayers for the Lord’s will in our lives beginning the summer of 2012.Please also pray for the next semester at BBC and check our Quick Prayer and Praise page for the updated list of prayer requests and praises.


We are enjoying a wonderful Christmas season with our new Caribbean Christmas music! Yes, there is a special way of singing the old traditional songs along with some new songs celebrating our Lord’s birth! How we love the flavor of music and food from all over the world!We also love each of you who have prayed for us and given financially during the year. Our hearts desire is that you also enjoy a wonderful season celebrating the birth of our Redeemer. May this next year be fulfilling as you serve our Lord.