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Senior Moments

Rich and Jo Ann Davis on February 22, 2012

Forgetting what lies behind (Phil 3:13)

Is the Apostle Paul telling us that "senior moments" are ok? In fact, good? We're obviously stretching the context of Philippians 3 with that interpretation, but for the sake of our theme let's just have a little fun with the idea.  

Senior Teachers

It was a huge blessing at prayer meeting this week to hear one of the students from the Bluewater Bible College (BBC) thanking the Lord for the older men and women who surround him. He asked the Lord to allow him to learn from their wisdom and experience. (Maybe having an extensive past isn’t so bad after all!)

Thankfully, a missionary statesman was in the room, so I knew that the student probably wasn’t thinking about Jo Ann and me in his prayer! Russ and Nancy Ebersole (60 years with ABWE) are with us here on St. Thomas teaching a module on The Life of Paul. What a huge blessing and encouragement they are to us and to the students.Jo Ann - at one of her several roles (Teacher, Secretary, Counselor, Wife)Jo Ann - at one of her several roles (Teacher, Secretary, Counselor, Wife)

Teaching The Christian Home” has been a huge blessing for Jo Ann.  Gathering resources from friends around the globe she developed the course and is applying some new teaching dynamics. The students are responding with so much enthusiasm that sometimes they don’t even want to take a break in their two hour sessions!

Along with the duties as president of the college, Rich is teaching Old Testament Prophets. Apparently, some of the students thought the course was Old Prophets and asked him if he knew Obadiah when he was preaching against Edom!

Remember also your Creator in the days 

of your youth (Ec. 12:1)

Day of Prayer and Fasting

Everyone on campus anticipated with excitement for the Day of Prayer which was an entire day praying for many different areas of interest. Special activities were planed like breaking up in teams of two and doing research on different nations of the world using the Operation Worldresources. Then the team presented a report on their country along with 3 specific prayer requests for that country. Much prayer was offered for the nations.

Dr. Russ Ebersole Dr. Russ Ebersole Dr. Russ Ebersole preached from Acts 12 where an angel led Peter out of prison.

When he realized this, he went to the house of Mary, the mother of John whose other name was Mark, where many were gathered together and were praying. “ Acts 12:12

The student body and the staff were so encouraged and among other things, Jo Ann and I remembered how you too are often gathered together praying for us! Thank you for praying. Click here to view our most recent Prayer & Praise items.

Jesus often walked by the Sea of Galilee and since BBC is located right on the “Bluewater” we found it natural to follow His example. We went down to the beach just below our campus, formed prayer triplets and prayed for our unsaved friends, family and acquaintances.

There is a small Baptist church between the BBC campus and the beach, so on our way back to campus we stopped there to meet the pastor and pray for him and his people. Then we broke up in small groups and did a prayer walk in the neighborhood surrounding the church stopping at each house and praying for those who live there.

The grand finale of the day was for the entire student body and faculty attending the regular Wednesday evening prayer meeting at Calvary Baptist Church. This was a great encouragement to this wonderful church which has supported BBC for the entire 50 year history of the college.

Many of the students and staff shared what a blessing the day turned out to be. All of us knew that even an entire day of prayer was not enough time to bring to the Throne of Grace all the needs that surround us. (Where did we put those pictures of The Day of Prayer? Oh well, we must be having another of those "senior moments"!) Check out some pictures we were able to gather along the way by clicking here.

Senior Students

Hanging out on campusHanging out on campusSpeaking of students, seven (7) are anticipating graduation this May. Plans are being made and the seniors are already getting excited about the events awaiting them: The Senior Banquet, The Baccalaureate Service, The Graduation Ceremony. We had a meeting with the seniors this week and calculated that about $4,000 needs to be raised to cover the cost of these events.

They are planning things like a car wash to raise funds as well as a special musical concert with several churches on the island. Another possibility was to find sponsors to help make this milestone a truly special occasion.

March Madness

March Madness is all about college basketball in the USA, but since we are having a senior moment, we would love it if you would grant us a little grace and allow us to include Caribbean Bible College graduates in this year’s March Madness.

We didn’t tell the students what was in our hearts, but what a blessing it would be if some of our prayer partners might desire to join with us in helping the BBC seniors with their graduation activities. Click here to see the photo album of the 2012 graduating seniors. What if the youth group or young adults in your church were to take on the project of raising $500 for one of the BBC seniors? Perhaps a Sunday School class or the Children’s Church might take the challenge to raise funds to help one of the graduating seniors. “Adopt” one of the seniors and help him or her make this year’s graduation special. Perhaps as an individual you would like to participate too, and since its March Madness, that’s also allowed!

Funds should be sent to ABWE, P.O. Box 8585, Harrisburg, PA 17105 designated to the Rich & Jo Ann Davis account 014183, Education/Training sub account 013. Please let us know which senior you or your group hasadopted and your goal for the month of March at rich@abwe.org and we will join you in prayer. 

Our shovel ready project - needs mucho prayer!Our shovel ready project - needs mucho prayer!Please don’t worry about the possibility of too much money coming into the fund! If funds are left over, we have another small project that also needs immediate help. One of the staff apartments on campus had to be demolished. There is a church group coming down to construct a new apartment, but we need to pour a cement foundation for them to build on. The church group is financing the building and we only need to provide the platform for them to construct the new apartment. The cost of the foundation is $5.000 and the group is coming at the end of March! Talk about madness! Please also pray with us about this urgent need. Only the Lord knows how we are going to get a foundation poured and ready by the end of March.

Unlike some projects that we have all heard about, this one really is "shovel ready"! Please do make this a matter of dedicated prayer until the job is done.

For I the LORD do not change (Mal 3:6)

Pastor Heath Charles plans to step down as President of BBC, but continue to serve as the pastor of St. Thomas Community Baptist ChurchPastor Heath Charles plans to step down as President of BBC, but continue to serve as the pastor of St. Thomas Community Baptist ChurchTruly, our Lord is immutable – but not so with men. Time takes its toll on men in different ways and we learned recently that because of health issues, the actual president of the Bluewater Bible College, Pastor Heath Charles, has resigned as president effective May 31. This change now leaves the BBC Board of Trustees with the challenge of finding a new president for the college. Please do pray for and with the Board of Trustees that they will have wisdom in choosing the next leader of this great Bible College.

While we are here in the Caribbean, the Lord is opening many doors for us in ministry. Rich is on the regular preaching schedule at the church we attend here on the island – St.Thomas Community Baptist Church. We have also been invited to speak next month on St. Croix as well as address a group of churches regarding the Bible College. Here in the Caribbean, April is Bluewater month when many of the local churches make a special effort to promote the school.

The month of May will find us immersed in all the activities of ending the school year along with all the graduation activities. We will also be closing up our little apartment and packing for our return and short stay in PA on June 1st. The short stay is because we have been invited once again to participate in the Northeastern Caribbean Leadership Conference on St. Maarten where Rich will be addressing the Caribbean church leaders in the area of Preparing for Ministry. These sessions will be designed to encourage the pastors and leaders as they seek to prepare the next generation of leaders. This sounds like a perfect challenge for us as “senior citizens”. Aren't we supposed to be mentoring and teaching the young leaders? And they in turn must do the same. This sounds like another senior moment to us!

While change is a constant fact of life, there is one thing that we can’t imagine changing, and that is our gratitude to the Lord for all He has done in and through us, and for each of you who have prayed and so faithfully supported us over all these years. We have been laborers together with God in a wonderful team relationship, and by His grace we will continue together until He calls us Home. Thank you for all you do to make it possible for us to serve the Lord in places where not everyone can go.