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Blue Moon Over Bluewater

Rich and Jo Ann Davis on September 12, 2012

Blue moon in full glory Huge blue moon shinning over Charlotte Amalie and the Caribbean Sea - taken from our front porch!

Beautiful Beyond Words

Our little Sony point-and-shoot camera could never capture the beauty of the Blue Moon that we witnessed from St. Thomas a short while ago. The truth is that the rare “Blue Moon” isn’t blue at all, but it certainly is beautiful. Once again we found ourselves worshiping our wonderful Creator and whispering Our God is an awesome God! He reigns over Heaven and Earth.” Please click here if you would like to see a couple more shots of the Blue Moon from our porch. 

Because the Blue Moon only occurs once every two or three years, the familiar phrase was coined "Once in a blue moon", meaning that something will rarely occur - like Jo Ann buying a nice big motorcycle for Rich!

DSC05690 Keithroy from St. Kitts


Blessed Beyond Words

This summer was full of blessings as we prepared more fully for our new ministry leading the Bluewater Bible College (BBC). Since we are anticipating at least 4 years on St. Thomas, we needed to consider longer term needs at the college as well as being a little better equipped personally. The Lord provided as we gathered items to take back to the BBC office and for our little apartment. 

Rich enjoyed his first course on the campus of Columbia International University (CIU). It was a blessing to take "Models of Strategic Planning and Organizational Assessment". This was the perfect place to begin our studies and then our ministry at BBC. The Board of Trustees met with Rich at the end of August on the island of St. Croix for our very first strategic planning meeting as we begin a new chapter in the 50 year history of this great college.

As Rich works on the post-class assignments, the next course has begun on "Teaching and Learning Theories", which is also fascinating. Your prayers are needed as we study while at the same time lead in the administration of BBC.  

Just as the Blue Moon was rising over St. Thomas, the students began to arrive from the different islands for Registration and Orientation. This was our first experience at organizing these events, but the Lord put everything together in such a way that we knew it was Him blessing once again. Textbooks have arrived, classes have begun and the 2012-2013 school year is off to a great start. Jo Ann has become a wonderful Registrar, Administrative Assistant, Office Manager and general counselor! Please remember to pray for her as she aquires skills for all these new roles!

There was some concern as the tropical storm Isaac crossed our island, but all we experienced was higher winds and a little rain. As you know, Isaac developed into a much worse storm by the time it hit the gulf coast of the US. We are thankful that the storm was still mild here in the Virgin Islands.

Front door - everything looks great on the outside Front door - everything looks great on the outside! If you would like to see the inside, click on the picture to open the door and check out the album "Once in a Blue Moon Project"


Bounding Beyond Brief (or Belief?)

We have been living in a small one bedroom apartment during this last year which served us well for what we thought was going to be a brief stay on the island. However, there is a larger unfinished apartment available on campus which would relieve some of the inconveniences of living in cramped quarters. 

Our home church, Calvary Community Baptist in CO and our church away from home, Grace Baptist in PA are both considering sending teams down to St. Thomas to help us with the finishing work on the larger apartment. The apartment structure is complete with walls and roof, but still needs the inside flooring laid, plumbing installed, closets installed, painting and decorating done, etc. There will be costs involved in providing the materials needed for these jobs.

When the apartment becomes functional, we will need to furnish it since it doesn't have any funiture or equiptment in it. Items will need to be purchase like a stove, refrigerator, table and chairs, bed and dresser, etc.

We have done some "window shopping" at Home Depot which normally has the best prices on the island. It looks like we could finish and furnish the apartment for about $10,000. While our stay at BBC is purposely set at 4 years or a bit more if needed, the newly finished and furnished apartment could serve for the next president or perhaps on campus staff members. If the Lord tarries, this investment will be a blessing not only to us, but will serve others who follow us. 

We are sharing this need with you so that you might join us at the Throne of Grace to ask the Lord if it would please Him to meet these needs. Some might say that given the present economic climate this wouldn't happen in a Blue Moon! We are praying that it will happen long before the next blue moon! 

It is conceivable that the church teams could arrive on St. Thomas to begin working right after the New Year. That gives us less than 4 months to see how the Lord will provide. Perhaps the Lord would show His providing power with just 10 churches each raising $1,000. Would the challenge of 20 churches each raising $500 be too difficult for the Lord? It would take a bunch of supporters sending $100 each to reach the total, but the key is everyone doing something as the Lord leads rather than letting this need slip from our hearts, minds and spirits.

Funds could be sent to ABWE designated for the Rich & Jo Ann Davis O&P account. Thank you so much for praying and considerning this need.

Please click here to view the prayer request for the Once in a Blue Moon Project as well as other praise and prayer items. Thank you for your faithful prayers and gracious financial support. Together we make a wonderful team for the Lord. 

We beg you not to be discouraged if a group from your church is not coming to St. Thomas to help with a project on the BBC campus - YET! There are plenty of other projects to do on our facilities and we would love to see many coming out here to join us in this labor of love.