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Rainbow Season

Rich and Jo Ann Davis on November 20, 2012

BBC Rainbow From the BBC campus after a rain squall

Weighty Matters

Life in the Caribbean is filled with contrast. Fabulously wealthy strangers buy whole islands and build mansions while many who have lived here for centuries struggle to provide daily bread for their family. Those who find it easy to laugh and sing live on the same islands with those who are bitter and angry. Sunny beaches, lush green hills and soft breezes mark most days until the arrival of the dreaded tropical storm or worse yet - a full-fledged hurricane.

Hurricane season in the Caribbean runs from June 1 to November 30 which covers 97% of tropical activity in the region. There is however, a lesser known phenomenon which is an integral part of the stormy season which we have christened “Rainbow Season.” After the storm passes sunlight is divided into its primary colors caused by its reflection and refraction through droplets of rain.

It matters very little whether the rainbow we see is big and bright (as the one Jo Ann captured above) or barely visible hidden in the clouds, because the slightest trace of the colors remind us of God’s promises. Yes, the rainbow served to remind Israel and her God of His covenant with Noah never again to destroy the earth by flooding (Gen. 9:8–17). However, for us, it also serves as a cheerful reminder that all of God’s promises are as sure as His covenant with Noah.

Often, on his morning jog and prayer time, Rich will be pouring out his heart to the Lord concerning weighty matters, only to look up and see the smiling face of the Lord in His rainbow - bringing a huge reciprocal smile to Rich’s face. We sing Burdens are lifted at Calvary, but in the most instant and miraculous way, burdens are also lifted by the appearance of even the smallest rainbow! Thank you Lord for all Your wonderful promises to us.

If you believe the picture that Madison Avenue incessantly showers on our minds, it might seem an oxymoron to experience “weighty matters” in the Caribbean. When you get beyond the propaganda and consider the truth of Scripture, then you know that these islands also bare the scars of sin and need the glorious light of the Gospel. This is why we are here.

Jo Ann in Office Jo Ann keeping things running smoothly


Ministry Matters

Your prayers on our behalf are effective as we recognize the hand of the Lord bringing about the upward progress that will glorify His Name. Much order is being brought to the offices of the Bluewater Bible College (BBC), as Jo Ann invests many hours each day diligently doing the tedious but needy tasks.

For Rich, the challenges of post graduate studies are demanding but manageable along with the daily care of the college. We have launched a strategic planning process with the staff and Board of Trustees which will continue until next June, should the Lord tarry. Your prayers for this process would be so helpful.

Dr. Dennis Bellew, a former President of BBC for 20 years, was just on campus teaching Genesis as well as Personal Evangelism. The village of Bordeaux is located just across the valley from our campus and provides a wonderful opportunity for ministry. The evangelism class of freshmen went door to door sharing the gospel, along with Dr. Bellew, rejoicing in the result that 2 of the students were blessed to lead a couple of our neighbors to Christ. The pastor and members of Grace Baptist Church, nestled in the hillside of that village, will gladly seek to make true disciples of these precious souls.

Please join us in prayer as the student body of BBC hosts a youth rally with outreach to all of the U. S. Virgin Islands. The rally is scheduled to be held for 2 days starting November 30. A special speaker is coming from Houston, Texas and we are asking the Lord to touch the hearts of many young people for salvation and service.

Living on an island surrounded by the sea may be beautiful, but one of the challenges is what the salt air does to everything! At the moment, both of the school’s passenger vans and the pickup truck are out of commission. Getting our students to their local church ministry obligations and hauling our garbage to the collection center is quite a test. Even the personal vehicles of our staff are out of commission as the only car running on campus is ours! You should see what the salt air also does to cement buildings! Please join us in taking these items to the Throne of Grace.

DSC05905 Jo Ann trying to squeeze 3 or 4 days of food in our pint size refrigerator.

Daily Matters

The project of making another apartment functional for us is still on track. Grace Baptist Church of Pennsylvania is putting together a team of folks to come and help us prepare the apartment just after the New Year celebration. We will be laying tile, painting, and installing plumbing fixtures along with other details.
Daily living can present its trials when every square inch is precious. Please do join us in prayer that the funds would appear in our ABWE accounts to not only purchase the flooring, tiles, paint and hardware needed, but also the appliances and furniture that are basic for making a house livable. At this point, almost $2,000 has come in designated towards this $10,000 project. How many times have we left our needs in the Lord's loving hands only to see His timely provision just as He promised.
Kala Along with Michellea, all the BBC students and staff, we thank you for your part as we seek to make disciples in the Caribbean


Giving Thanks - Matters!

Thanksgiving will be celebrated in the U.S. this week and we are overflowing with gratefulness to our Lord for all He has done, and for each of you who truly share in it with us through persistent prayer and generous giving. As a well know theologian once wrote, “Gratitude follows grace as thunder follows lightening. (Yes, this particular thought was gleaned from Ann Voskamp’s beautiful blog concerning thanksgiving - http://www.aholyexperience.com/ Nov 19, 2012 “The One Holiday That God Demands is All of our Days?”).  And we might add, as the rainbow follows the storm!

Thank you for being a part of our team as we seek to prepare servant disciples to serve in Christian ministries around the world. (If that sounded like a “Mission Statement” you are right. We were working on that with the staff this week)!