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The Spins and Spoils of Spring

Rich and Jo Ann Davis on April 30, 2013

Spinning the Wheel and Spoiling the Van

After! Our sad van!


Two days before our 47th wedding anniversary, we were on our way to the Sunday evening service along with 3 students from the Bluewater Bible College (BBC) and a young new believer (8 years old). We were at the outskirts of town when we noticed the headlights of an oncoming car which seemed to be in our lane. At first, we were not alarmed as we assumed the car would be turning into a driveway or a street at any moment. That would have been nice, but as we were to learn later, the other driver had fallen asleep at the wheel.

To avoid the inevitable head-on collision I spun the steering wheel to move out of our lane at the last possible instant while the oncoming driver did exactly the same thing! The collision was not head-on, but we were slammed so hard on the side of our van that we were knocked off the road with the van on its side and the wheels spinning in the air.

All of us were taken to ER and later released for which we are extremely thankful to the Lord. The other driver was cited by the police for negligent driving and his insurance company has already issued a check ($3,800) for our van which was totaled. Please click here for more pictures of our once happy van.

As you might have guessed, the insurance money is not sufficient to replace our great little mini-van. We are praying and waiting on the Lord to see what He might have in store for us and would ask you to please join us in prayer about this need. Please click here to see the updated Prayer and Praise page.

We are asking the Lord and looking for another van somewhere on the mainland to ship back to St. Thomas. A new van is not even conceivable financially, but a decent van that might be 5 or 6 years old seems to be the wisest and most reasonable option. Pre-owned vans in that category are priced between $6,000 to $8,000 more than we have available. Shipping to St. Thomas will cost about $2,000 beyond the expense of the van. We would need between $8,000 to $10,000 total in order to purchase a decent American manufactured pre-owned van and ship it to St. Thomas. 

We were perfectly happy with our old van, but for some reason, the Lord must want to provide something different. We know that He will provide and ask you to join us in anticipating what He will do in the days to come.

The “Spoils of Spring” can be fruitful too!

Keneesha sharing her testimony Keneesha loves the Lord


Two weeks after the car event (there isn’t such a thing as an accident with God), we were on our way to the beautiful island of St. Kitts along with some of the students from the college. Here in the Caribbean, April is celebrated as “Bluewater Bible College Month” by many of the churches and we were invited to St. Kitts to meet with three churches which love the college.

The meeting was held at the Lighthouse Baptist Church on Sandy Point. It was while anchored at Sandy Point in 1754 that the then slave trader, Captain John Newton, understood the Gospel more clearly and not only quit that degrading and inhumane business, but went on to work with William Wilberforce to see slavery abolished in England and its colonies. You may not recognize that name, but the hymn that he penned following that event you will – Amazing Grace!

The fellowship with the churches on St. Kitts was wonderful and there was spiritual fruit as well. Four young men responded to the invitation to begin preparing to serve the Lord in ministry. Please pray for these young men and many other young men and women like them to enter Bluewater Bible College and prepare for ministry. What a blessing it would be to see the Lord fill the campus once again with dozens and dozens of young people committed to serving the Lord among the islands of the Caribbean and beyond.

We also had the joy of visiting two more supporting churches of BBC here on St. Thomas along with the students and faculty. Offerings were taken in St. Kitts as well as here on St. Thomas for BBC and the Lord sent April showers of blessings by showing us just how much the college is loved by many of the Caribbean churches. After serving these churches for more than 50 years, it shouldn’t be a surprise! These kinds of “spoils” are easy to take! Please click here to see pictures of our island ministries with the students. 

Spring Soon Melts into Summer

Kitchen crew Come on down and help us out. There's plenty to do and great food too!


The month of May is shaping up to be an exciting conclusion to our first official year in the presidency and administration of the college. Rich will also finish the course that he is taking this semester at Columbia International University (CIU). Need we ask that you pray for wisdom and strength?

We are anticipating the visit of some dear friends from our home church in Colorado who are planning to spend a week working on maintenance projects around the campus. This will be a huge blessing in so many ways.

The BBC school year concludes the third week of May and that same week, we are looking forward to some fellowship with Pastor Don & Terri Hall from Beth Eden Baptist in Colorado. Don is the Music Pastor there and is taking the opportunity to come and see the ministry here at BBC and to get to know Jo Ann and me. Pastor Don is also planning to lend a hand with maintenance projects here on campus. What an encouragement to have faithful servant leaders coming out here to be a blessing and help in this Bible College ministry!

Might we insert here an invitation to you to come and help us with the formidable job of keeping the buildings, property and facilities of this campus in good form? We are shamelessly recruiting those who the Lord would call to consider long or short term service. Ministries are available from teaching on the college level, to helping Jo Ann in the office, to healthy physical work with maintenance or construction. Wouldn’t it be a blessing if you, or a group from your church, could plan to come and spend some time helping in missions here in the Caribbean? Yes, we even have extremely low cost housing available right on our campus for you.Check out these pictures of the project team from Grace Baptist this year!

June brings the official start of summer which means several things for us. Those who live on the BBC campus will begin to prepare for summer camps held on our campus during July and August. 

Jo Ann and I are scheduled to fly to Pennsylvania at the beginning of June. We’ll be able to enjoy a couple of weeks there before we fly back to the Caribbean for the Leadership Conference on the Dutch side of St. Maarten. 

Rich is scheduled to take 2 more summer courses at CIU during the month of July which should keep him out of trouble for quite a while! We are also hoping our grandsons in California might be able to visit us in PA, and that we would get the chance to be with our grandchildren who are in Ohio.

Once Rich returns from South Carolina, we’ll hopefully ship a newly acquired van to St. Thomas and then hop on a flight back to the island to begin the 2013-2014 school year. Please do hold us up in prayer as we take one day at a time with these summer plans. 

There is no way that we could possibly keep up with a schedule like this without your faithful prayers and financial support. We are so thankful that the Lord has given us the privilege of serving Him together with you. Thank you for your love and support in prayer as well as financially.