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Care Casting

Rich and Jo Ann Davis on October 14, 2013

Shut Down

Ladies Dorm This is just one of several buildings that God has provided for BBC - Ladies Dorm

Casting all your care upon Him, for He cares for you. (1 Peter 5:7)

The world is making much ado about the temporary partial government shutdown taking place in the U.S. There have been moments in the history of Bluewater Bible College (BBC) when the question of a shutdown also had to be taken seriously. In 1995 Hurricane Marian hit the BBC campus and totally wiped every building off the property. Would the Lord allow the college to rebuild? Just look at the building above for the answer. God’s people cast their care on the Lord and with His help rebuilt this fantastic training institution for young people desiring to serve the Lord in the Caribbean and beyond.

Would the college need to shut down for lack of leadership in 2012 when the then current president was forced to resign because of health problems? Once again, God’s people in the Caribbean cast their care upon Him and the answer was given as we (Rich & Jo Ann) responded positively to the call from the Lord to lead the college forward.

Only the Lord knows the future of this great college, but from all indications, the Lord has no desire to see the college shut down. The student body is growing with more applications coming all the time. The finances remain in the black even as we tighten the belt to keep spending under control. Wonderful teachers continue to offer their assistance by coming alongside the limited on campus faculty to help shoulder the teaching load. We keep growing in our understanding about how to administrate this higher education institution.

Break Down

Rich and Jo Ann - Day of Prayer 2013 Jo Ann & Rich - Fall Day of Prayer 2013

The challenges of bringing this college back to its former strength are formidable. We can truly identify with the words of Paul when he wrote “For, when we were come into Macedonia (read St. Thomas), our flesh had no rest, but we were troubled on every side; without were fightings, within were fears.” (2 Cor. 7:5).

After 40 plus years serving the Lord in cross cultural ministries we have learned to break down the challenges into bite size pieces and work on them little by little. We are not prone to break down under the challenge as much as we are determined to break down the challenges around us. 

The Caribbean islands are located in a part of the world that promotes the impression of a dreamy life. Mature Christians will know that image is only part of the story. We need prayer support now just as we have while serving on other foreign fields. Please click here to see our latest prayer requests

Fall Down

Kethlyn Nation at Calvary Baptist Church - Lit Class The students and faculty are counting on your prayers - Kethlyn Nation (freshman)

We often tell people that two of our favorite words in the Scripture are “But God” and in the context of this passage Paul continues “Nevertheless God, that comforteth those that are cast down, comforted us . . .” (2 Cor. 7:6a).

Today we received an encouraging note from a member of Bennett Baptist Church in Bennett, Colorado just to let us know that the church was praying for us and more so because our enemy is working overtime.” Beth Eden Baptist Church in Denver recently communicated that we are to be the "Missionaries of the Week" very soon. As we cast our care upon Him we are comforted knowing that some of you keep us in your prayers regularly. Thank you, our dear and faithful friends, for falling down on your knees in prayer  We know that you haven’t fallen down on this vital aspect of holding the rope (as William Carey so eloquently expressed) as we depend on you and your faithful prayers

Slow Down

DSC09293 Jerome sharing his testimony at prayer meeting (Trinity Baptist Church) as we ended our day of prayer

Once again we intentionally slowed down the academic pace here at the Bible College and spent an entire day dedicated to prayer. Something of prayer can be learned from books, but nothing beats just doing it! We prayed for the lost (especially during the prayer walk at Trinity Baptist Church on St. Thomas), for missions, for personal needs, for the college (for new students, finances, more faculty) and those who support the college here in the Caribbean. Please click here to see the photo album of this special day.

Several students are taking a course in personal evangelism and are regularly out in the village visiting homes and sharing the gospel. Something of evangelism can be learned from books, but nothing beats just doing it! Sometimes a person simply needs to slow down and take the time to share the gospel. BBC does offer a well-rounded curriculum, but prayer, witnessing and preaching the Word remain at the core of our values as we seek to form faithful servant-leaders. 

Show Down

Logos Mobil Ed Screen shot from the Logos web page explaining the video training program for Bible students.

We’re not thinking of a show down like the one at the famous OK Coral, but we are thinking of a confrontation of sorts. The 20th century is behind us and we are well into the 21st century. We are keenly aware of trying to meet the need of students in a modern world with the more cumbersome tools of times past. Our students need the best tools available in order to confront the challenges of ministry in our technologically advanced world.

The current generation of leaders in formation is preparing to serve in the modern world. From stone and clay tablets to parchment scrolls, biblical servants used the most current communication, teaching and learning tools available to them at the time. Today the Lord has given to the Body of Christ some amazing tools “that the man of God may be complete, thoroughly equipped for every good work” (2 Tim 2:17)

At the beginning of September, Rich flew to Bellingham, WA to the headquarters of Logos Bible Software for a conference along with other educational leaders to learn more about how the Logos software can help in the preparation of servant-leaders. Check out the photo album of the trip.

As if the Logos software were not enough, Logos is now producing high quality video training with the aid of some of the best biblical scholars of our day integrating seminary level biblical training with the software. Years ago as a professor in the Lima Baptist Theological Seminary I remember dreaming with my colleagues of using Logos in Spanish with our students. Now as the president of BBC this dream has grown incredibly more vivid and possible.

The board of trustees and faculty of BBC have unanimously decided to pursue obtaining and implementing Logos as an upgrade to our biblical training. Logos presents the software in the form of libraries compiled to meet the need of different users and budgets. Just about every conceivable book needed for in depth biblical research is included in this synchronized and integrated library. The best library for students is available to us for $1,074 each which is a 50% discount from regular pricing. 

We would ask that you pray with us that sufficient start-up funds would be raised in order to purchase the software and the first set of 9 training videos ($999 per set or $111 per course) from Logos in order to train our faculty and be prepared to integrate this tool in our academic system by the fall of 2014. The cost of the library will be included in the tuition of the students over their years of study. However, we need to raise start-up funds to purchase the Logos library for each student/faculty and get it installed on their computers. As funds are returned through tuition, we will be able to purchase more programs for incoming students. Any investment made in this project will have on going benefits for the training of ministry students here in the Caribbean at Bluewater Bible College.

We are also convinced that this upgrade to our training will be very attractive to Caribbean young people who are considering the ministry for their lifetime service. Upon entering BBC as a freshman, students will receive the best digital biblical library available on the planet and after 4 years of training leave the halls of the college to enter the ministry with the library in their computers and the knowledge of how to use it.

Please join us in prayer along with considering how you, your bible study group or church might join us in providing these wonderful training tools for these servants in training. There isn’t any downside to investing in the training of the next generation of preachers, pastors and teachers. The good news is that one church in the US has already provided $3,500 for the start-up fund and another generous couple has provided $8,000 (with a special request for fundraising participation by our board).  To see the Lord provide $11,500 as we begin this project is more than encouraging. He has begun the work and will complete it. We pray that you too might be a part of the provision as you pray and consider giving.