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That was Interesting!

Rich and Jo Ann Davis on December 18, 2014

DSC00917 Jack fell down and broke his crown . . . (almost!)

That was Interesting!

Rich stepped out of the apartment with about 6 pillows in his arms from his waist to his chin. He had taken the steep path down the hill many times before and the lack of visibility didn’t seem like it would be a problem. Rich is convinced that an invisible spirit pushed him, but whether he slipped, tripped or was pushed, the fact is that he was soon racing down the hill at full speed. Streaking across one driveway he came to another hill with tree stumps and all he could do was let the pillows fly and jump as far as he could down the next hill to land full force on the driveway about 5 feet below. Flying across that driveway he crashed into some tall clumps of grass face first jarring his neck and head into the ground and barely missing a huge tree. After the shock of the crash landing and being fairly sure that no bones were broken, he giggled and said to himself, “That was interesting!” (Rich says that it’s a guy thing to react like that!)

In a way, the last 3 ½ months have been something like that crazy race down the hill. The biggest difference is that we seem to have landed in much better form than Rich did! Things could have turned out much differently for us this semester on campus or on the hill, but for your prayers! Thank you for upholding us even when you may not know our precise situation at any given moment. The Lord is answering your faithful prayers on our behalf. 

First Graduation class 2014 First Graduating Class MCS - 2014

Peru-zing the News

Monterrico Christian School (MCS) was started in 2002 as an evangelistic outreach of the New Life Baptist Church. Jo Ann and I were serving in Lima, Peru at the time and the Lord had given our new church plant an entire private school to house the church. Now, 12 years later, MCS has seen the joy of their first graduating class!

Schools in Peru, South America begin the school year in March and end in December which means that graduation exercises there are held in December. In the grand scheme of history, this is not a significant event, but for some of us it truly brings joy to see the faithfulness of the Lord. The human factors bringing this event to fruition are too many to name, but our hearts are filled with joy recalling each one and their part in bringing the school to this moment. Many of you were a big part of that church plant and the start of the K-12 school through your prayers and giving. Rejoice with us at this milestone. Click here to see a couple more photos of the graduates. 

For a fun flash back, check out this great little picture video of MCS done by one of the talented MCS teachers a little while back. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZDSHz-Hdazw  

Charles - LeAnne & Rich LeAnne, Charles, and Rich at the beach

Pray-zing the News

We were surprised to learn that the Virgin Islands are a favorite place for college basketball teams to come and compete in tournaments in the fall. It was the privilege of Bluewater Bible College (BBC) to host a college team that spent a night on our campus.

We invited the team to join us the next day for our Day of Prayer. Pastor Rodrick Webster, from St. Maarten, preached a powerful gospel message during chapel and then we all headed to the beach to pray together in groups. The prayer groups were mixed between coaches, players, BBC staff and students.

LeAnne, a BBC student, and Rich were joined by Charles from the basketball team. When I asked Charles if there was something that we could pray about in his life, he began to share his story. He ended by saying that he wasn’t sure where he was going to spend eternity. I asked him if he would like to settle that question once and for all and he responded with a grateful “Yes!” Charles trusted Christ on the beach that morning and then LeAnne prayed for him and some of his requests. It was a very blessed Day of Prayer to say the least. Praise the Lord! Please continue to pray that the Lord would use us in many more similar opportunities to share the gospel here in the Caribbean. Click here to see a photo album of the Day of Prayer.

DSC00858 Gwyndolyn - Last day on St. Thomas

Just News

In many ways, this fall semester was a test of trying to keep our heads above water (pun intended since we serve at Bluewater)! Jo Ann was busy getting the new short term missionary, Gwyndolyn, settled in her apartment and in the office, along with her many responsibilities. Soon, Gwyndolyn was able to take some of the load and was a fantastic help in every way including teaching one of the education courses and taking oversight of the kitchen.

Unfortunately, Gwyndolyn was suffering a couple of physical problems that became so painful as to require surgery. She is now back on the mainland with uncertainty about the future. Please pray that Gwyndolyn does recover well from the different surgeries and that perhaps the Lord would send another servant in her place.

There are two couples considering the possibility of joining the faculty here at BBC. Please pray that the Lord would continue to give wisdom and guidance to them as they seek His will. We can’t begin to tell you what a great blessing it would be to have that many faculty members living on campus full time and helping to pull the load.

With help from the Lord, Rich survived teaching 3 courses at BBC this semester while taking an online course in his graduate program. With more faculty & staff available, the load would become easier.

The annual West Indies Baptist Fellowship Conference will take place in January 19-23 in St. Croix. All of the BBC students are planning to be there. The program includes an opportunity in the general session for a presentation by the students. This will be a great time to raise awareness of the training ministry of Bluewater Bible College. Please pray that the Lord would touch the hearts of pastors and lay leaders to consider sending those who the Lord is calling into service from their respective churches to be trained at BBC. 

For the spring 2015 semester starting in January, Jo Ann will be teaching “The Christian Home” and I will each be teaching “Church History 2.” Then we will team teach a biblical counseling course together. With Gwyndolyn gone, this coming semester is going to be another mad rush down the hill. We count on your prayers.

Jesus with Shepards

The Best News

The virgin gave birth to Immanuel (God with us). He gave His lifethat we might have eternal life. Jo Ann and I will be celebrating the birth of the Savior in Ohio with our youngest daughter and her family for a couple of weeks. We are thankful for many, many things. Among those many things, we are thankful for each of you and are greatly encouraged by your faithfulness in prayer and giving. As the year draws to a close, may each one of us rejoice in what the Lord has done.  May we then look forward to the New Year anticipating what He will do in the days to come. Perhaps 2015 will be the year of His return for His Bride.