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Stormy But Clear

Rich and Jo Ann Davis on September 26, 2015

Peace in the Midst of the Storm - Jack E Dawson Peace in the Midst of the Storm by Dawson

The View from a Distance 

The movie and music "Stormy Weather" tell of a broken romantic relationship, but here in the Caribbean stormy weather often brings greater concerns. Tropical storm "Erika" left her mark on the Caribbean a few weeks ago doing the most damage on our sister island - Dominica. Several Bluewater Bible College (BBC) students come from Dominica and we were all grieved at how the power of the storm destroyed so much of the island's infrastructure while taking many souls. Churches and Christian schools were swept away which continues to affect the lives of our brethren. 

The song "Stormy Monday" hit the air waves years ago, but when classes began on the last Monday of August, but it was a beautiful sunny day and not stormy at all. Yes, the fall semester at BBC is well underway and Rich is teaching 4 courses. The challenge of staying up with studies seems almost never ending!  

In 1996 Christian artist Jack E. Dawson painted his first picture in the"Seek and Find" series of paintings. Dawson sees the storms of life, but he sees the much greater truth in the midst of the storms! Christ is there and He has defeated evil through the Cross.

Storm Peace - Dawson “I would hasten to my place of refuge from the stormy wind and tempest.” (Isa 55:8)

Taking a Closer Look

You cannot see the silhouette of Christ or the cross as it cracks the face of evil in this close-up look, but can you see the tiny bird sheltered in the cleft of the rock? This is the reality for the child of God. 

There are many things for which we thank the Lord as his invisible presence guides and provides. Many prayed along with us about the VISA situation for our new students and the Lord answered by sending one of the four student applicants to us. The three students that were denied visas all came from Haiti which is one of the most difficult islands for receiving US visas. Thank you for praying!

While the total number of students is still not great, a ray of hope is shining through the crack as the door opens. The Lord continues to send students as we strive to rebuild. A small cleft in the rock is all we need to know that the Lord is present and powerful.

Balcony of Administration Building The view on most days from BBC.

On A Clear Day

. . . "You can see forever". We believe, without a doubt, that the Lord plans to do wonderful things in the Caribbean through Bluewater. Elisha's servant thought the odds were pretty bad as the two men stood facing an army with horses and chariots sent by the king of Aram (1 Kings 6). Then the Lord gave him eyes to see reality in verses 16-17. When you see reality through eyes of faith, the Lord gives a vision of what can be. 

Bluewater is the platform that the Lord is providing for us to proclaim the gospel and encourage the fulfillment of the Great Commission throughout the Caribbean. Once the vision is clear it is relatively easy to layout the steps to get there. We must strengthen the platform and then build on it so that BBC will be able to provide high-quality training for Christian young people in the Caribbean. We launch out to cast the net for souls and servants in the region. We do this and grow as a college in concentric circles as disciples are multiplied and churches are planted and staffed until Christ is known as King in the entire region and beyond. 

Strengthen the platform

Rich completed the Ed.S. studies at Columbia International University this summer. Invisible strength was built as he swam through the challenging waves of the post-graduate study. The understanding gained from the studies is being applied in the spiritual, philosophical and academic areas of the college. Jo Ann is also contributing by adding many improvements in the administrative areas of the college. 

We have recently been working with the available faculty to revise the curriculum of the college. Soon, a new catalog will be available revealing the impact of the revisions as well as a new area of study. We are striving to offer Caribbean students a Christian higher education that will allow them to succeed in the ministry the Lord gives them in today's world.

Building on the platform

Now is the time to build the faculty and staff which will allow for the spiritual and academic discipling of students while also freeing representatives to preach throughout the Caribbean. The primary purpose of this preaching ministry will be to proclaim the glory of Christ, but the result, in part, will be the recruiting of choice servants that the Lord desires to prepare at BBC. Jo Ann and I are already anticipating by faith our first preaching trips to several islands as we represent the Lord and the college. Please pray that the Lord would continue to give us great health and also the financial resources to carry out this and all aspects of the vision. 


The BBC Board of Trustees has recently approved the assignment of some possible faculty members. Dr. Colin Bascom, holds a PhD in education and has already resigned his present position in a Caribbean school to come to BBC. The challenge is to raise the financial support that he needs and then the VISA for him to come here as a religious worker. Please pray for both of these challenges as our goal is to see this dear brother on campus by January of 2016.

We are currently in conversations with another candidate who holds a doctorate in spiritual formation and has years of experience as a Baptist pastor. Both he and his wife could contribute much to the development of BBC. Please pray for the Lord's will to be done concerning this precious couple. Our constant prayer is that the Lord would call and send godly and qualified faculty and staff to invest their lives in the lives of the students. 


Speaking of staff, we mentioned in our last newsletter what a blessing the Stone couple have been in the office and on the campus grounds. This week the Stones cited financial difficulties as the cause of their soon return to the states. By this time next month, we will no longer have the blessing of maintenance help. Please pray that the Lord would bring a couple or an individual to help keep the campus in good repair. Jo Ann would also be grateful to have a caring colleague helping with administrative details in the office on a regular basis. 

A former graduate of BBC is ready to return to the college to serve in several support areas including the kitchen. She is a dear and faithful believer whom we would love to see working alongside us on campus. The challenge once again is to raise the financial support that she will need as well as her US VISAPlease pray for Judith and that these needs will soon be met so that she also might be able to arrive on campus by January of 2016.

Web Design

The importance of a first class website for a college cannot be overstated. BBC needs a website built from the ground up with the ability to facilitate intuitive access to every facet of the college. A team of designers would be ideal, but the challenge is to find a team of skilled believers, who could volunteer to design, build and maintain the site. Sometimes the vision stretches our faith, but our God is able because He initiated the vision! Please pray that even this great need would be met in His perfect time.