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Rich Davis on January 17, 2017

Insurance Plans


The name of our health insurance company through ABWE is United Health Care which is regulated by the Affordable Care Act which is often known as "Obamacare." Medicare can be a partial help and soon we should have a new care contender on the market "Trumpcare!" One might think that with all this wonderful care a person would not have a care in the world (except, of course, how to pay for it)!

Thankfully, our faith is not in health systems for the outcomes we anticipate because ". . . a greater than . . ." Solomon, Jonah, the Temple, (or Health Care) is here. As believers, we all trust Jesus for our well-being and eternal life! Peter advised all of us to trust Him for those things when he wrote " . . . casting all your care upon Him, for He cares for you" (1 Peter 5:7). The woman with the flow of blood certainly discovered that. Doctor Luke tells us that after 12 years "no one could heal her" (Luke 8:43), but there was One who could, and in her case, did. 

Jesus paid the price with His life. There are no monthly premiums, co-pays, out-of-pocket expenses, or deductibles. There is plenty of fine print in our insurance papers with terms that are new to some of us, but with Jesus, there are no fancy terms or fine print. He simply told us to believe in Him. We do, and so we are CARE FULL - that is to say, FULL with CARE - His care and love.

When we consider how Jesus showers His care on us by allowing us to have health insurance, good doctors, hospitals, and rehab centers, we can only be thankful. We wouldn't say that we don't care about those things but we would say that we don't trust in them. The Lord may use all of those things to answer our prayers, but then again He may use none of them. This leads us to the heart of our message.

Jo Ann at Rehab_edited Jo Ann in rehab this week


There are three major items that we are bringing before the Lord and we would love for you to join us in this effort.

1) The upcoming surgery on February 6 to remove a cyst which was discovered while doctors were searching for the cause of Jo Ann's back problem. While taking images of her spinal column, it became apparent that a cyst was located in the vicinity of her bladder or ovary. The GYN specialist who will be doing the surgery feels confident that this should not be an ongoing concern, but he also told us that nothing is certain until the lab confirms his educated guess. We are praying that he is correct in his assessment and that no further treatment will be needed following the surgery.  

2) While Jo Ann is making progress in rehab and getting stronger, she estimates that she has regained about 25% of the ability she had before this most recent event affecting her spinal cord, sciatic nerve, leg muscles, and foot control. Recovery is coming along well, and we are asking the Lord to continue strengthening her in a timely way to be able to travel here in the states and overseas. We are looking forward to first rescheduling our meetings in Colorado, California, and Montana. Then on to Moldova by His grace. 

3) The financial resources to complete our health tune-up here in the states as well as the monthly support level needed to be cleared for service in Eastern Europe (Moldova). Besides these top priority financial prayers, we are also asking the Lord to help us acquire a used van in Europe to transport the young university students in church planting and other activities. 

Thank you for continually backing us in prayer and also generous financial support. We have received several year-end gifts and also special gifts to help with some of the medical costs. We thank the Lord and each of you for your part in making our Great Commission ministries possible.