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Spring Training Camp

Rich Davis on March 1, 2017

Team work 3

Dream Come True

Tim Tebow is one of our favorite athletes given his many admirable characteristics spiritually and physically. Those who have kept up with his life know that he has had his share of challenges in professional sports for a multitude of reasons. His coaches have often commented on his dedicated work ethic and positive attitude. 

Spring training has begun and Tebow is at the training facility of the New York Mets in Florida and looking forward to the challenge of getting back "into the swing of things." 

“Honestly it’s kind of a dream come true being out here with the Mets organization, a bunch of awesome guys, getting the chance to play a game I love,” Tebow, 29, said on “Good Morning America.” “It was just so fun putting on a uniform yesterday, going to warmups, in the stretch line, getting back into the routine, being part of the team and competing -- it was a blast. I’m having a lot of fun.”

As many of you know, we have experienced a few challenges in the last few months as we grappled with an unexpected series of health issues. The Lord has answered so many prayers and Jo Ann has been released by all of her doctors with joy. We will spare the medical reports and simply give the executive summary: Spinal surgery a complete success. Laprascopic surgery a complete success with the pathology report showing no cancer. Hematology reports showing no need to continue using the strong blood thinners which caused internal bleeding last fall. Physical therapy along with much prayer and hard work on Jo Ann's part have her well down the road to her former abilities. Yes, there is still more work to do, but by God's grace, we believe she will soon be walking as well or better than she had before these recent events occurred. This is our dream come true and we are ready to join our new team in Europe and the ultimately the new field of Moldova!

Tebow acknowledged that some critics are skeptical about his possibilities in baseball:

“Obviously you have people on both sides,” said Tebow. “You’ll have people that are out here supporting that are great, and then you’ll also have people that want to bring you down. For me, this is something that I’m doing for the love of it. The love of the game, the love of pursuing passions, the love of being able to live a dream every single day.
“For me, it’s really focusing on the love and not the doubt, not the unknown, not the fear of it, not what critics are going to say,” he added.

The worldview Tebow expressed above helps us to share how we face the days ahead. We are focused on the love of the Lord and the ministry to which He has called us. This has been our passion for most of our lives and we continue to pursue it. We are trusting the Lord and are focused on Him and not the doubt, not the unknown, not the fear. 

Team work

Making the Team

The Lords timing is always a marvel to witness. There is a meeting for ABWE European leaders in Berlin, Germany the week after Easter this coming April. We have been invited to participate in that meeting and it appears to us that the Lord is giving us a great opportunity to get off the bench and back on the field for a week - sort of like spring training. We will be able to make a short "trial run" with travel, airports, meetings and interacting with many of our new teammates in Europe. 

Upon return from Berlin, we plan to drive west from Pennsylvania to begin visiting each of our supporting churches and friends. In the coming days, we will be contacting our supporting pastors to reschedule the presentation of our report in each church. By May, we hope to begin reporting in Colorado and then move on further west. Tebow appreciated the people who supported him, and there is no question how much we appreciate those who support us in every sense. Please click here to see our most recent Prayer and Praise items. 

We are truly grateful for the way the Lord has answered prayer and that we have been blessed to continue our passion for the Great Commission. We can't wait to see how the Lord blesses as we do this "Spring Training" and prepare to immerse ourselves in ministry here in the states and soon in Europe - Moldova.