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Back to the Future

Rich Davis on May 2, 2017

xwittenberg-germany-street-scene-2.jpg.pagespeed.ic.bnr_yAu2Ja Luther's town - Wittenberg, Germany

The Birth Place of the Reformation - Germany 

As mentioned in our last newsletter, we planned to fly to Berlin, Germany to attend a meeting together with other ABWE leaders from several European and Mediterranean countries. Just after the celebrations of the Resurrection of Christ this year, we flew to Berlin and were greatly blessed to meet many of the faithful missionaries on the team in that area of the world. In many ways, the trip was a check to verify that Jo Ann is indeed ready to return to "normal" missionary activity. She passed the test with flying (no pun intended) colors!

The last day of the scheduled ABWE meetings in Germany involved a trip to Martin Luther's town, Wittenberg. This year marks the 500th anniversary of the Reformation and it was a fantastic experience to visit the places where men like Martin Luther and Philip Melanchthon lived, preached and taught in the University. As we walked the streets and visited different museums and shops, my FitBit watch began doing a happy dance because we had walked 5 miles that day. Jo Ann was with me every step of the way! Yes, she really is ready for our current travel schedule in the states and the new ministry in Moldova. 

Celebrating Another Birth . . . & More Travels

Two days after returning to Pennsylvania, we began driving across the states for our first ministry stop in Denver, Colorado. Our home/sending church, Calvary Community Baptist Church, celebrated the 50th Anniversary of its birth. That was not quite the 500th Anniversary of the Reformation but significant even so! It would be hard to fully express the blessings Jo Ann and I experienced as we renewed friendships and fellowshipped throughout that weekend. It was a joy to be "home" again and back to the place of our roots in the faith. For those who might be interested in our speaking schedule and travels over the next 3 months we felt that it might be helpful to publish that here:

Home Church Ministries
Date/Time Church City/State
May 7 – AM Calvary Community Baptist Northglenn, CO
May 7 – PM Arvada Baptist Arvada, CO
May 14 - AM Columbine Baptist Columbine, CO
May 28 – AM Littleton Baptist Littleton, CO
May 28 – PM Beth Eden Baptist Wheat Ridge, CO 
June 4 - AM Bennett Baptist Bennett, CO
June 11  First Baptist Gunnison, CO
June 18 Westside Baptist Billings, MT
June 25 – AM Trinity Church Sunnyvale, CA
July 2  Grace Baptist Yuba City, CA
July 9 Liberty Baptist San Jose, CA
July 16 – AM First Baptist Santa Maria, CA
July 16 – PM Pine Grove Baptist Santa Maria, CA
July 23 Newberry Community Newberry Springs, CA
July 30 Western Ave Baptist Brawley, CA


We have had the privilege of speaking in other supporting churches during the last year or two which has allowed those churches to touch base with us in a personal way recently. It will now be a blessing to share in the churches listed above what God is doing in and through us and how He is leading us to serve Him later this year. It may also be possible that another church or two might be scheduled before we leave for the Romanian language school in Moldova. 

DSC03875 Needed Ministry Van Similar to This

The Birth of Churches in Moldova

There are close to 700 towns and villages in Moldova (Eastern Europe) that are without a clear Gospel witness according to the Director of the Association of Baptist Churches in that country. We have been invited to join the effort to plant NT Baptist churches there while at the same time mentoring students in the Christian University (UDG). Thankfully, we will be able to share our vision and strategy for this mandate in person as we visit each of our supporting churches and friends. 

There are also other aspects of our ministries in Europe which we are very excited about and look forward to sharing over the next few months of our Home Ministries. For example, preparing students from the Christian University to serve in short-term mission projects in the refugee camps in places like Lebanon and accompany them in those endeavors. 

Now that the Lord has given back to us the physical ability to continue serving in the fields that are white to harvest, we are asking Him to give us the financial resources to carry out His call. Please pray that the Lord would supply the $1,335 monthly support still needed to complete the minimum support level required by ABWE that we might indeed be allowed to go to Moldova. While this amount is significant, we serve a God that is able to do abundantly over all that we can imagine!

Because we will be able to rent a furnished apartment in Chisinau, Moldova, we will not need much to prepare our living circumstance. However, there are two projects that will facilitate our ministry there. First, we need to arrive! That simply indicates the need for airfare and related expenses. Second, we need to mobilize students and other colaborers in the church planting efforts. A used passenger van is the most reasonable vehicle for this task and we are asking the Lord to provide somewhere between $15,000 to $19,000 for the importation of a good used van from Germany. Please join us in prayer while considering the possibility that the Lord might use you to share in this project by helping to provide this ministry tool.