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Rich Davis on March 15, 2020


Dear Friends,

As a precautionary measure, we have been given a strong recommendation from our ABWE leadership to evacuate from Moldova before the boarders and airport close due to the Coronavirus. Though we are well and are prepared for the restrictions that most other European countries are experiencing, there are concerns about the health system here.

Because of a shortage of hospital beds and medical supplies, hard choices will be made concerning the priority of who will be treated. Since we are foreigners and not considered young, we might be turned away should we require medical assistance.

The US Embassy of Moldova sent a notification to us a few hours ago advising us that the state department has mandated all non-essential embassy personnel to return to the US. They also advised us that the international airport in Moldova would probably close Monday, March 16 in the evening.

We have a wonderful travel agent here and with only 4 seats left on the last flight that we know of out of Moldova, she was able to get us on that flight. She did this today, Sunday, by God’s grace. We were praying and asking the Lord to get us on a flight in time if His will was for us to return to the US – and He did it!

We did not want to leave Moldova and were totally prepared for panic that is sure to hit Chișinău in the days to come, but because we are in the high-risk category for the Coronavirus, we did not want to hazard becoming a burden on our national partners or fellow missionaries.

Please pray for us as we travel back to Harrisburg, PA tomorrow, March 16. Please also remember our national partners and the ministries that we are leaving behind.