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Rich Davis on April 6, 2020


Unexpected Events

Three weeks ago, we had to make a difficult decision about evacuating Moldova in view of the Covid-19 pandemic. We were not primarily concerned about becoming sick but we did not want to become a burden on our national partners or fellow missionaries should that happen. There were three human voices speaking to us about this decision (ABWE administration, our national partners, and the American Embassy) all of which encouraged us to evacuate. Prayer along with these voices brought us to the conclusion that the wisest thing to do was temporarily leave Moldova until things returned to normal once again.

Though we had peace in our hearts that the right decision had been made, it was hard not to wonder what might have happened if we had stayed. The American Embassy in Moldova has been issuing fairly regular bulletins for American citizens. Three days ago, on April 3rd, the Embassy issued the following advisory part of which follows:

Experts predict that Moldova could see more than 2,000 confirmed cases within the next two weeks.  If cases continue to increase significantly, it could overwhelm the local healthcare system.  There could be more critical cases than local hospitals can support and not enough healthcare resources (beds, ventilators, healthcare providers, etc.) to provide everyone infected with the necessary care.  We encourage U.S. citizens to consider seriously your limited travel options and your decision to remain in Moldova or to return to the United States.


Moldova stopped all flights at the Chisinau Airport from March 17 until May 15, at the earliest.  Land borders are closed to international rail service, and Ukraine and Romania have also banned entry to foreign citizens.

We are in constant contact with our national partners in Moldova via social media and the report as of today, April 6, there are almost 1,000 cases of Covid-19 and of those 250 are doctors. Indeed, the healthcare system in Moldova is being overwhelmed and the situation is growing more serious daily. It seems clear that the American Embassy and our national brethren have confirmed the wisdom of our evacuation. Yes, we were praying about this but we were not alone before the Throne of Grace. Many of you were there too holding us up along with other missionaries. Thank you for praying.

Because international travel has been restricted all over the world, our planned trip to India has been canceled. Hopefully, we will be able to get the anticipated training at another time. Also, we were planning on coming to the US with our national partner Mihai Chisari with his wife Irina and daughter Delia at the end of this month. That trip has also been cancled as the tickets we purchased is now invalid due to the interruption in flight schedules. Please do pray that sometime in the future we can reschedule the trip.

Maxim born April 6 2020 Maxim

Expected Events

In the midst of the storm, there is wonderful news. Maxim was born to Sergiu and Svetlana Fomiciov. Sergio is the worship leader at the Imago Dei Baptist Church where we serve together and Svetlana is the Treasure of the church. A beautiful new life was born in our church family and we are all rejoicing with the parents. Please do pray for this precious family and rejoice with them as their second son has been born.

Today, April 6, Jo Ann and I were able to pray with the entire Imago Dei church via Zoom. Rich was asked to share a devotional and each believer joined in prayer. We have also been using Zoom for the discipleship meeting that Mihai, Sergiu, and Rich have been enjoying since the beginning of the year. Teaching and discipling over the Internet is obviously different than being together personally, but the day has arrived that many of us are learning the value of technology and the Internet for biblical ministries. Please continue praying for our Moldovan ministries during these days of "social distancing."


The Greatest Event

It has been said that the greatest event in human history was the day that Neil Armstrong set foot on the moon but that would be wrong. The greatest event in human history was when God set foot on earth and was born in Bethlehem.

"For unto us a child is born, unto us a son is given:" Isaiah 9:6

We are celebrating with believers all over the world this week the life, death, and resurrection of the Lord Jesus Christ. He rose from the grave and and lives forever more as the King of kings and Lord of lords.

No doubt, for most of us the celebration this year will be different than any other in our lifetime. Though we may not be able to worship together in church buildings with other believers it doesn't change the fact that Jesus died for our sins and rose again. It may be that some who are reticent to step into a church building would venture to hear the message of the Resurrection preached online and trust Christ. May the truth of the Resurrection be precious to each person who receives this brief update. Maranatha!