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The Winds of Change Are Moving in the Caribbean

Rich and Jo Ann Davis on November 24, 2010

Leaders from the Blue Waters Bible College in St. Thomas Leaders from the Blue Waters Bible College in St. Thomas

The Jamaican Summit Sets the Stage for Change in Training

To try and stop change in this world is like trying to stop the tide from its constant rhythm of movement in the oceans of the planet.

Those of us with a conservative bent often find change to be something of a challenge. We prefer to move cautiously and test the wisdom of each decision we make. This careful approach has been evident with the stakeholders of the Bible Colleges in the Caribbean during the last year and a half. However, all the hard work of evaluating the pros and cons of making some changes in the training model are beginning to produce excitement at the possibilities. Please "Quick Prayer and Praise" page with the updated prayer requests.

The Lord has placed some wise and thoughtful leaders in the Caribbean who are building on the solid foundation laid by missionaries in the past. It is evident that in order to meet the challenge of training capable leaders for the Caribbean today we can accomplish more together than we can independently. As a general principal, that has always been true in the body of Christ, but it has not always been a motivating factor among independent Christian organizations.

Check out the leaders at work in our updated photo gallery. Just click here to see the "Jamaica" albums.

Autum connecting with the Jamaican children Autum connecting with the Jamaican children

Short Term Trips to the CCAM Region Are a Blessing to All

Upon arriving in Jamaica, we spent our first couple of days with a wonderful group of seniors from Bethesda Christian School of Brownsburg, Indiana. What a blessing to see high school students who love the Lord taking their senior trip to serve Him in a cross-cultural setting in a foreign country.

This type of experience can be a huge blessing to not only the receiving churches and organizations in the Caribbean and Central America, but also have a major positive impact for the church group or Christian school that desires to serve the Lord in this way. To get a glimpse of one of the ministry opportunities that the Bethesda young people enjoyed, please check out these pictures of their ministry in the Catherine Hall public school.

Welcome to Jamaican training center Welcome to Jamaican training center

Fairview Baptist Bible College Anticipates Exciting Changes to Meet Student Requirements

Since this was our first trip to Jamaica, we very much wanted to see the Fairview Baptist Bible College which is located about 30 minutes from Montego Bay. After two days of meetings with ABWE theological personnel and national leaders from three of the Bible Colleges in the Caribbean, we drove to the Fairview campus.

As you can see from the photos, the Lord gave the Jamaican church a beautiful campus. Baptist Mid Mission started the school and did an excellent job in providing the training tools for the Jamaican churches which has served for so many years.

Jamaican students, like those on the other islands, are now asking for an accredited degree with which to serve our Lord and to facilitate postgraduate studies. Accreditation is a complicated process and involves many factors. Those issues occupy our efforts at these summit meetings. Please pray for the leaders of these good schools as they consider a possible transition to a consortium model of theological training in the Caribbean.

Hurricane Thomas hit hard Hurricane Thomas hit hard

The Winds of Hurricane Thomas Hit St. Lucia

While we were in Jamaica, we experienced the effects of the "Outer Band" of Hurricane Thomas as it swept by the island on its way to Haiti. However, before reaching Jamaica, Hurricane Thomas had done considerable damage on the island of St. Lucia as well as other parts of the Caribbean and Central America (ie. Costa Rica).

Following the Thanksgiving celebration with our daughter Kim and her family in the San Francisco Bay Area, Rich will fly to St. Lucia to meet the ABWE missionary couple serving on that island - Peter and Bibiana Morgan. The Morgan's are citizens of the US, but originally came from St. Lucia. The Lord called them to return to their homeland to help build a strong Christian testimony there through church planting and leadership training as ABWE missionaries.

We are anticipating a huge need to help repair church structures that have been damaged by the hurricane as well as other infrastructure needs in the surrounding communities. Please pray for us on this survey trip and that the Lord would raise up the necessary funds to help and encourage our brothers in need.

A fund has already been established at ABWE to receive funds from those who feel led to help meet the need in St. Lucia. The account is named

"St. Lucia Project Fund"

. It would be a great encouragement to the Church on that island to see that the love of Christ reached even to them in this physical need.

Following the holiday season ending this year, we will be back in the Caribbean participating in the West Indies Baptist Fellowship of churches on St. Thomas. Rich will be speaking on missions there in January. We are truly thankful for all the opportunities that the Lord is giving us to have some small part encouraging the national churches in the CCAM region to fulfill the Great Commission.

We are also truly thankful for each of you who continue to stand with us in prayer and financially as we serve the Lord together with you. It is our deepest desire that you enjoy a wonderful Thanksgiving celebration and Christmas with friends and family. Thank you for your faithfullness.