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How Do I Love Thee . . .

Rich and Jo Ann Davis on October 2, 2010

Rich & Jo Ann on Mar's Hill Rich & Jo Ann on Mar's Hill

Let me count the ways . . .

Elizabeth Barrett Browning wrote her beautiful poem in the 19th century but even to this day, many remember the opening lines. Elizabeth was describing her love for her husband to be, Robert Browning.

However, our desire in this letter is rather to ?count the ways? that we love the Lord for His many blessings and the inspiration to continue our journey with Him. The ministry that the Lord has given us in the last couple of years has been primarily that of encouraging, counseling, training, and helping servants working in other cultures.

As we stand in the background and seek to make others successful in the Kingdom, it is a treat when we can celebrate the victories and accomplishments of those whom we serve and for whom we pray. We trust that you will rejoice with us as we share our love for the Lord and count just a few of the blessings in carrying out the Great Commission in the Caribbean, Central America, and Mexico (CCAM).

Steven is one of the first officers to trust Christ as a result of the TACTICA ministry Steven is one of the first officers to trust Christ as a result of the TACTICA ministry

Costa Rican Police Officers Trust Christ

Ryan and Gretchen Rought are ABWE missionaries serving in Costa Rica with their TACTICA ministry to police officers. Below we have included just a snippet from their most recent newsletter! If the blessings were an iceberg, then the following is just the tip! The training where these events took place was given in September in the capital city of San Jose.

"Friday afternoon began with an intense Gospel presentation by Ryan. . . He stressed that there were no "magic words" or any special equation to receiving eternal life, but rather a heart's cry from the deepest part of their being in response to Jesus' question, "And who do YOU say that I AM?"

Wil literally jumped out of his seat, threw his arms in the air, and very nearly RAN to the front of the room. "I need Jesus!" we had just been speaking with him and his wife during lunch hour (her office happened to be across the street from the training site!) . . .

Paul followed . . . . (he) stood up . . . threw his training manual in his chair and stepped to the front of the room to face his peers. Keep in mind, all of this is on duty, in uniform in the closing moments of a tactical training course!!! Ryan . . firmly stated, "If you want Jesus, then do not be ashamed of Him. Stand up and face your peers and make a declaration of who you are and what you are doing in this moment." SEVEN OTHER OFFICERS FOLLOWED!"

The newest ABWE church plant in Costa Rica called "Living Rock Baptist Church" is growing and very close to organizing and obtaining property. Mario, one of the police officers who were transformed on Friday, attended church there the Sunday following his new birth! What a joy to see the Lord bless the efforts of cross cultural missionaries as they serve together. This is the way it is supposed to be!

Please pray for Mike and Arlene Armstrong as well as Jon and Jonnie McGinnis who are all on Pre-field ministries on their way to work with the TACTICA ministries. As you can see, these servants are greatly needed in this exciting ministry.

Praise the Lord for the answer to our prayers concerning the visa situation in Costa Rica. We recently received a phone call from one of our missionaries telling us that their resident visas FINALLY came through! Thank you for praying.

Traci on a short-term medical trip to Nicaragua in 2009. Traci on a short-term medical trip to Nicaragua in 2009.

New Missionaries to Encourage New Church Plants

Dr. Pat and Bonnie RyalPlease pray that the Lord would open doors of opportunity for these young missionaries as they seek to share what God is doing in Nicaragua and in their lives.

We were in Managua a few weeks ago. Among the activities scheduled for this trip were two days of teaching in the Institute of Church Planting (ICP). Jo Ann and I are both church planters at heart and nothing gives us more joy than being on the ground and involved with these servants who are committed to the heart of the Great Commission - church planting.

The ABWE team, along with a wonderful group of Nicaraguan Baptist churches, is now working through the second two-year training program for church planters. The new church planters will soon be ready to make their projections and identify areas in and around Managua in need of a biblical church.

Following the training at the ICP, missionaries began to arrive in Managua to attend the 2010 Mini Regional Conference. We spent two days with a good representation of the ABWE missionaries from Costa Rica, Nicaragua, and Mexico City.

Recently, there were changes made at ABWE that affected the administrative structure of global outreach. It was helpful for the CCAM missionaries to meet Dave Southwell who now oversees the region of Latin America and the Caribbean. This included all the countries from the Mexican - US border to the southernmost tip of Chile.

Mark Nikitin, who is the administrator in the CCAM region for Global Access Partnerships (GAP), also presented helpful information on how our churches in the US might be able to partner with churches in Central America and the Caribbean. This is a growing ministry in the ABWE world.

Thank you for praying for this conference. Once again, we are thankful to the Lord and counting His blessings!

Jo Ann with a friend. We love our ministry in Central America and the Caribbean. Thank you for praying and making it possible. Jo Ann with a friend. We love our ministry in Central America and the Caribbean. Thank you for praying and making it possible.

The Caribbean Is Calling


A team from ABWE is leaving the first week of October 2010 to begin the necessary research for translating and printing the Good Soil material in Haiti. Since we last mentioned this project there has been a very exciting development. Jim Cook (ABWE), who has a fantastic ministry with children all over the world, is writing curriculum for teaching the story of redemption to children using the 40 Bible events that are incorporated in the current version of "The Story of Hope". This material will be used for the first time ever next year in Haiti! We have already been invited to take this curriculum into the 350 Christian Schools related to the Baptist Haiti Mission (BHM) with whom we partner.

pray that the funds would be available at the right time in order to finance this vital project for the people of Haiti.


Please do pray for a fruitful ministry in Jamaica.

Jo Ann and I just enjoyed spending a week with Calvert Dixon, who is on Pre-field ministries on his way to serve the Lord in the Caribbean. Calvert is originally from St. Kitts and has a fantastic vision for the churches in the Caribbean. Please pray that the necessary financial support will build up soon for him, as we need him ASAP on the field.

After the Jamaica trip, we will be flying to California to be with family and visit some of our friends and supporting churches. . It would be an added blessing to go and share in person that which God is doing as we journey with Him. Please let us know if you might like us to visit you in November or December.


In closing, we want to wish you all a very Happy Thanksgiving and trust it will be a time when you can remember all that God has done and ?Count Your Many Blessings!?