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Making The Rounds

Rich and Jo Ann Davis on June 8, 2010

The Rich Coast! The Rich Coast!

On The Rich Coast

Costa Rica means

"Rich Coast"

and almost everyone agrees that this is one beautiful country. However, beauty can be deceptive as the outward appearance may hide some not so pleasing matters. Our ABWE team in Costa Rica has experienced challenges recently which were due in no small part to issues like a mystifying bureaucracy.

Together with our ABWE missionaries, we continued to work on team development and leadership. By the end of our ten day visit, we had a clear vision of the powerful ministries that the Lord is raising up in that country. No wonder the battle is so strong!

Some of the fun ministries that we were able to enjoy were:

  • Preaching the Sunday morning service at the El Camino Baptist Church.
  • Speaking to the men's Bible study of the El Camino Baptist Church.
  • Together bringing the Bible study to the married couples at the Impacto Baptist Church.
  • Visiting several Costa Rican police officers who have come to know Christ through the ABWE TACTICA ministry.
  • Preaching at the Sunday morning service at the El Paradiso Baptist Church (our most recent ABWE church plant in Costa Rica).

Besides loving the Costa Rican people and culture, it was such a pleasure doing ministry in Spanish again. The memories of serving in Peru came flooding back and we were reminded of the blessing the Lord allowed us serving in that beautiful South American country for over 30 years.

Please click here to see some of our pictures from the rounds in the "Rich Coast".

33 Million People 33 Million People

Mexico Is The Most

After spending a few days unpacking, washing clothes and catching up with pending office work, we were repacking and on our way to the airport once again. This time the destination was

Mexico City


There is little doubt that Mexico City is the most! There are more people in this city than any other city on the planet. Thirty three million people are huddled together in this huge hub of humanity and the great majority has yet to understand the story of redemption.

We found our ABWE team coming to the cross roads of an opportunity to launch out with the vision of partnering with Mexican churches to perhaps start several churches simultaneously. By God's grace, in the months to come, this effort may look very much like what the ABWE team in Nicaragua is doing right now.

Shortly, all the involvement of our church planters will be completed in two churches in Mexico City, freeing our ABWE crew to team up on a new church planting paradigm. It is exciting to see the ABWE global vision beginning to find beachheads from which to launch out in Central America.

Please click here to see some of our pictures from the rounds in Mexico City.

3rd Theological Summit - Developing a cooperative effort for leadership training in the Caribbean 3rd Theological Summit - Developing a cooperative effort for leadership training in the Caribbean

Missions in St. Maarten

The islands of the Caribbean fall under our ABWE administrative responsibilities. Yes, it is tough work, but someone must do it! The truth is that the islanders don't live the luxurious lifestyle that is portrayed on the posters and tourist brochures and their local churches are not made up of lounge chairs on gleaming white beaches!

Last January as Jo Ann and I were attending the West Indies Baptist Fellowship meetings in the Caribbean, we were invited to participate in the

2010 North Eastern Caribbean Leadership Conference

in June of this year. Rich was asked to serve as a consultant to help the Caribbean churches improve their mission board to be more than simply a clearing house. He was also assigned the topic of


to teach during one of the sessions of the leadership conference.

In conjunction with the leadership conference, ABWE is hosting the

Third Caribbean Theological Summit

to be held on St. Maarten just prior to the leadership conference. Rich, along with other ABWE personnel and missionaries will join with the directors and leadership of several Caribbean Bible Colleges to work on a cooperative effort for the training of Christian leadership in the Caribbean.

It is a joy to develop these types of ministries with friends new to us. The Gospel has been on some islands in the Caribbean for 300 years due initially to the missionary efforts of the Moravians from Europe as well as others.

Because of the long spiritual history in the Caribbean, there are plenty of opportunities to partner with the existing churches to work on evangelism, church planting and cross cultural missions. Those are some of our goals as we establish new friends in this region.

Please prayer requests.

The Story of Hope is a wonderful way to evangelize! The Story of Hope is a wonderful way to evangelize!

Hope for Haiti

The content of

The Story of Hope

is one of the most important things that we can offer to the people of Haiti. ABWE has already sent two medical teams into Haiti and is planning to send our first reconstruction team soon. Yes, Haiti needs much help in the area of compassion ministries and will for a very long time. However, one of the most important things that we can do for our Haitian neighbors is give them hope that goes beyond this present life.

Following a month of ABWE mission activities (ABWE Board meetings, Candidate Seminar, Missionary Enrichment Conference, etc.) in Harrisburg in July, Rich will fly to Haiti to begin working with our partners -

Baptist Haiti Mission

- on several new innovations related to the

Good Soil

material. We need to translate the material into Creole and perhaps develop it for audio learners. We will also be considering how to adapt this valuable evangelistic and discipleship material for school curriculums.

Please don't let the simplicity of the project mentioned above fool you! This is going to be a

HUGE project

which will, by God's grace, have a powerful and eternal spiritual impact on the people of this island.

Pease pray for this project and ministry at the beginning of August.

Some of these men are helping to train in second round of the ICP - PTL Some of these men are helping to train in second round of the ICP - PTL

New Churches in Nicaragua

Jo Ann and I are scheduled to be in Nicaragua from the middle of August until the beginning of September. Several events are planned including Rich teaching a module for the

Institute of Church Planting (ICP)

. The Nicaraguan ICP is in its second cycle with the goal of planting several new churches over the next two years. Nicaraguans are now teaching alongside ABWE missionaries in this most recent edition of the training program. What a huge blessing to see our disciples taking on major responsibilities in training and church planting!

Besides the blessing of the ICP, we are also going to be hosting a Mini Regional Conference at the ABWE Ministry Center in Nicaragua where several of the ABWE missionaries from our CCAM Region will come. Leadership from the ABWE headquarters in Harrisburg will join us for meetings.

Please Pray that the Lord would give us


in all that we do this summer.