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ABWE Haiti Relief Effort

Rich and Jo Ann Davis on January 30, 2010

Dr. Jack Sorg (ABWE) with short term medical team Dr. Jack Sorg (ABWE) with short term medical team

First Response

Within hours of the 7.1 earthquake in Port-au-Prince, Haiti, Rich was huddled with key ABWE personnel in Harrisburg, PA to make some important decisions as to how ABWE should respond to the overwhelming crisis in Haiti. Calls were already coming in just hours after the quake asking if ABWE would be involved in the relief effort and where to send funds.

ABWE missionary doctor John Briggs is currently in Haiti ministering to the medical needs of people in desperate conditions. The International Healthcare Ministries (IHM) Department of ABWE is working to assemble emergency healthcare teams over the coming months. We will need volunteer medical staff (i.e., doctors, PAs, nurse practitioners), and assistants (i.e., nurses or those without previous healthcare clinical experience) able to raise their own support. Trip dates and other information on these teams will be posted at http://www.healthcareministries.abwe.org/ as soon as it is available over the next weeks.

West Indies Baptist Fellowship Conference January 2010 - Rich & Jo Ann in attendance West Indies Baptist Fellowship Conference January 2010 - Rich & Jo Ann in attendance

Second Tier Response

An advance team to assess our second-tier response to the earthquake is leaving shortly for Port-au-Prince. The most effective use of ABWE's resources - along with your gifts - will be to help the churches of Haiti which are using already scarce resources to care for homeless and hurting neighbors and to rebuild their damaged and destroyed meeting places. Rich is a part of this team shortly about to enter Haiti.

Jo Ann and I were at the West Indies Baptist Fellowship in Nassau, Bahamas just a few days ago. While at the conference, prayer was offered daily as pastors and leaders of the Caribbean islands pleaded with the Lord for the people of Haiti and in particular for our Christian brethren.

One Haitian pastor of a Baptist church that we met in Nassau will meet us in Port-au-Prince to connect us with some of the churches that have been affected by the quake. We also have several other contacts to make once in Haiti in order to assure that our efforts do the most good for those whom we must help.

By His grace, the door has been opened for Rich and the team to enter Haiti and make direct and personal contact with Christian ministries that we can support whole heartedly. One of our team members is an engineer/contractor that often partners with ABWE on building projects all over the world.

ABWE's Project Office staff is also planning reconstruction teams for the rebuilding efforts, which will include volunteer engineers, builders and helpers. Our ability to assist will depend on the funds and volunteers available. Like the medical workers, participants will raise their own support, but we want to use the money we raise to help the poor and devastated churches purchase building materials. More information is available at http://www.abwe.org/serve/construction-project-details/haiti-construction-relief/  

Jo Ann sharing the story of redemption - Good Soil evangelism materials Jo Ann sharing the story of redemption - Good Soil evangelism materials

Spiritual Impact <">here. Gifts may also be sent by traditional mail to our accounts at ABWE in PA.

We will be sure to keep you updated on the events of the assessment trip. Rich will be leaving from Florida on Wednesday, February 11 for Port-au-Prince and returning by God's grace on Wednesday, February 24. Please pray for the team during this trip as there are some risks involved.