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Certainty in the Midst

Rich and Jo Ann Davis on December 12, 2009

Our Bright Hope Rests on the Bright Past

"For I am persuaded, that neither death, nor life, nor angels, nor principalities, nor powers, nor things present, nor things to come, Nor height, nor depth, nor any other creature, shall be able to separate us from the love of God, which is in Christ Jesus our Lord." (Rom 8:38-39)

This is the season when most of God's family worldwide celebrates the moment when He became a man and was born of the virgin Mary. For the natural mind, this is as difficult to comprehend as the resurrection or the fact that God spoke and all creation came into existence.

We simply need to put everything on pause and express our gratitude to Him and for Him. Because Christ was born and later accomplished our redemption on the cross, we can be assured of even more wonderful days ahead. A very real part of our gratitude is that He also made us partners together with many of you in carrying out His mission that began in the Garden of Eden.

Our soon returning Savior still sits on the Throne and all things are in His hands. What a joy to review the past year and see all that He has accomplished for His glory as we served Him together with each of you. We have experienced His goodness, are experiencing His goodness, and will experience His goodness.

We give ourselves and even more We give ourselves and even more

How Good He Was

2009 was a year full of God's grace in our lives. There were opportunities to serve Him in so many ways.

In Peru

What a joy to interact with the New Life Baptist Church in Lima at the beginning of the year as they made decisions for the future. Our hearts are still deeply planted in Peru and in the ministries in Monterrico.

The New Life church is continuing to shine as a testimony to our Lord's saving power in the Monterrico area of Lima and the Christian School there is continuing to grow while reaching children and their families for Christ. There are several things to be remembered in prayer which can be accessed by clicking here.

In the Caribbean, Central America and Mexico (CCAM)

By God's gracious provision we were able to make several ministry trips to the region of our administration. Costa Rica and Nicaragua were on our itinerary more than once this year and much fruit was obtained.

We also had the privilege of ministry in the Caribbean (as may be recalled) on the island of St. Thomas. There are great aspirations for what God may desire to do in and through this region and much prayer is requested.

In the US

The Lord allowed us to visit many of our supporting churches and friends this year. Colorado, Montana and Florida were places where we were greatly encouraged as we connected and reconnected with many faithful servants of the Lord. Thank you so much for your great love and faithfulness!

We also had some wonderful ministry opportunities in encouraging new ABWE missionaries as they prepare to serve the Lord in several different countries in our CCAM region. Interacting with sending churches, missionaries and ABWE staff has been vital in helping God's mission go forward. It is a high privilege that humbles us as we seek to serve in the role of administrators.

In India

Taking the Good Soil material to India to begin the translation process was one of the highlights of the year for us. The vision of the Christian leaders with whom we are working far exceeded anything we could have imagined. The project that we originally anticipate has now almost doubled in outreach and effectiveness. We will share more about how together with the Lord we can complete what He has begun by way of this evangelistic project at the beginning of the new year. However, we do plead that you continue in Good Soil India project.

You may enjoy checking out the 3 new photo albums that we have posted. Just click here to begin viewing the pictures of the India trip to Chennai, Kolkata and New Delhi.

How Good He Is

Our Lord has been so good to us in every way imaginable. Given the years that our bodies have put up with all we have demanded, they are still going strong! Like many other Americans, we can only be grateful for the health we enjoy as well as the health insurance that makes the best care in the world available to us.

The Lord has been pleased to allow us to live by faith and that faith is often tested in the areas of finances. We have been requesting prayer for our monthly support needs and many churches and individuals have not only prayed, but given sacrifically in order to help. For over a year now, we have been (and still are) living on about 60% of our support requirement and yet the Lord always provides our needs. Perhaps rather than pray that the Lord would allow our support to reach the minimum required level, we should simply ask the Lord to continue to meet our every need in His own mysterious and wonderful way.

On another note, we are looking forward to spending this Christmas with our daughter Rachelle and her family in Ohio. Only God's goodness allows us to enjoy the thrill of seeing our children and grandchildren as they serve Him and experience the life of faith.

Young believers in Kolkata anxious to implement Good Soil evangelism. Young believers in Kolkata anxious to implement Good Soil evangelism.

How Good He Will Be

We are anticipating a wonderful new year full of His goodness. In January and February we have trips planned to the Caribbean in order to establish relationships necessary for strong partnerships with the national church in that region. The West Indies Baptist Conference will provide a great opportunity for us to meet godly Caribbean pastors who truly desire to do an even better job of carrying out God's mission in the whole world.

We are also planning the next trip to India to begin printing the Good Soil material as well as teaching the first seminars for English speakers. This is the year that we are asking the Lord to provide all that is necessary in order to complete the printing in 5 languages and to host many Good Soil seminars all over India. Please this project.

We were remembering recently some of the first Christmases that we spent outside our home country. A few of those Christmases were very sparse materially, but also deeply meaningful as they allowed us to focus as a family more on the reason for the celebration than on other distractions. It may be that some of you will be experiencing what we Americans might call a "sparse" celebration this year. Our prayer is that this Christmas you might rejoice in the profound truth that God indeed came into the world in the form of a man - the man Christ Jesus - in order that many might be redeemed and worship Him.

This new year may allow the unfolding of one of the most anticipated events in all history since the first Advent. Perhaps our Lord will call us to meet Him in the air and we will be that most blessed generation. But even if 2010 is not to be the year of His coming for us, our prayer for each of you is that the Lord will grant you the best and most blessed year of your lives.

Merry Christmas and a Blessed New Year! We love you all.