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Good Oil and Good Soil Bless Nicaragua and Beyond

Rich and Jo Ann Davis on August 24, 2009

The ABWE International Healthcare Ministry Team To Nicaragua - 2009 The ABWE International Healthcare Ministry Team To Nicaragua - 2009

Medical Team Partners With Missionaries and National Churches

Good Oil

The ministry of this year's ABWE short term medical ministry in Nicaragua is now history. If one were to try and calculate all the man hours of preparation, prayer and actual ministry it would probably boggle the mind, but no one who was there would doubt for a moment that it was all worth it.

The Association of Baptist for World Evangelism (ABWE) was founded in 1927 by Dr. Raphael Thomas - a medical doctor with a burden to minister not only to the physical needs, but also the spiritual needs of people. ABWE is primarily a church planting mission and medical missions has often had an important role contributing to evangelism and church planting in many countries around the world. The accumulated wisdom of over 80 years of doing medical missions and evangelism certainly was evident in Nicaragua this summer.

The ABWE medical team was led by Dr. Jack Sorg. ABWE missionaries Steve and Terri Robinson were assigned most of the responsibility for coordinating the effort on the ground in Nicaragua.

The medical team visited 3 churches in the greater Managua area where we had been granted permission to provide medical care to the people. During the 5 clinics days 662 people were cared for in body and soul. Rather than explain with words how we did the clinics we invite you to get the story in pictures that were accumulated by all those participating. Just click here and check out the first 5 new albums in our Photo Gallery to get the feeling of what took place.

Spanish version of The Story of Hope Spanish version of The Story of Hope

Good Soil

Jo Ann and I were involved in this particular evangelistic outreach because of our interest in implementing the ABWE Good Soil evangelistic material in the medical clinic context. It was also a fantastic opportunity for us to be on the "front lines" doing what we love most - sharing the story of redemption with those who need to understand the meaning of Christ's death and resurrection.

In all, there were 140 Nicaraguans who expressed the desire to trust in the sacrifice of Christ for their salvation which included about 15 decisions among older children (10-12 years). Both the Nicaraguan and ABWE missionary evangelists took great care to present the story of redemption in a chronological way. We were not rushing to get "numbers" as our concern was to see fruit that remains.

Besides "The Story of Hope" book, we used a new Gospel tract in Spanish. The book contains 40 events from the Scriptures which tell the story of redemption, but the tract compresses that into 12 events from the Bible which allowed us to do the chronological presentation in a shorter time. It would be difficult for us to tell you what a blessing it was to use this effective tool in sharing the Gospel with those who had not yet fully comprehended the significance of Christ's sacrifice and resurrection.

Several churches and individuals responded quickly and sacrificially to finance the printing of the Good Soil books and the new Gospel tract in Nicaragua. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for your gifts of love. All the needed funds were provided and arrived in time to have the literature in hand for the clinics. Every adult or young person who came to the clinics was given a copy of the Good Soil tract but NOT the book - The Story of Hope.

One of the things that we emphasized during the clinics to each and every person who heard the Gospel presentation, was to return to the church a day or two later in order to receive their own personal copy of The Story of Hope. The pastors of the local churches where the clinics were held then gave those who came copies of The Story of Hope and began a Bible study based on the 40 Bible events mentioned in that book.

We just received pictures from a couple of the churches in Nicaragua of the first follow-up meeting that were held to conserve the results of the evangelistic effort. You can see them in the album titled "Conserving the Results". One of the exciting things about these follow-up meetings was that ALL those who came were new to the churches. They were not regular church members!

Rich & Jo Ann taking Good Soil materials to India Rich & Jo Ann taking Good Soil materials to India

Good Soil To India

In just a few days Rich will be flying to India as the first step in making the Good Soil material available to our Indian brothers and sisters in Christ. During the 3 week visit I will be connecting with our partners there in order to begin having the materials translated from English into 4 other languages.

Once the materials are translated I will need to return to India to have the Good Soil materials printed in 5 languages (including English). From our stay in India a couple of years ago, we discovered that printing is done very reasonably there.

By God's grace, once the printing is done, Jo Ann and I will return to India to begin Good Soil training seminars along with other ABWE personnel. We desire to hold the seminars in each of the 5 languages throughout the country.

Yes, this is an ambitious project and one which was born out of the year we spent in India in 2006. Following the training of 30 Indian church planters who started several churches along the eastern coast of India, we wanted to return with another tool that would help these servants and many others in their evangelistic efforts in that amazing country.

We are estimating that in order to complete all 3 phases of this project it will cost about $60,000 (US). The exciting news is that the Lord has already provided $37,500. No doubt I will gather much more precise costs for the project on my first trip at the end of this month. By faith we are trusting that the Lord will complete what is needed in order to provide these wonderful evangelistic tools in India.

Please join us in prayer concerning the need for the remaining $22,500prayer list?

If you believe that the Lord may be leading you to support this project financially and you would like a quick and easy way to send the funds, then please click here for the Good Soil Project to give through our secure online mechanism. Funds may also be received for this project at the ABWE home office in Pennsylvania.

Please also check out and even print our latest update to the "Quick Prayer and Praise" page by clicking on that title.

Calvert Dixon - ABWE appointee to the Caribbean Calvert Dixon - ABWE appointee to the Caribbean

Caribbean and Central American Events

On Wednesday, August 26 we will be hosting the Caribbean Theological Summit Please pray that the Lord would grant us wisdom and unity as we seek His will in these matters.

After returning from India, Jo Ann and I will be flying to San Jose, Costa Rica the third week of September to participate in the ABWE team meeting. We will be spending several days visiting and consulting with each missionary family there as well as spending a couple of days working on our evangelistic and church planting strategy for Costa Rica. Once again we would request your prayer support for us and the team during this visit.

So many of you have faithfully prayed for us and supported us financially over the years. We rejoice in the service of the Lord and thank each of you for helping to make it possible. One day soon we will all be rejoicing in Heaven to see all that the Lord has accomplished as together we served Him.