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Howdy Partner!

Rich and Jo Ann Davis on June 12, 2009

Working together for Him Working together for Him

Being and Finding Partners is the Plan

Partners in General

No, this is not going to be a review of an old John Wayne western movie! But we do want to write about partnerships in this newsletter.

Following the Asian Tsunami at the end of 2004, we were asked by the Indian leader of a large gospel tract printing and distribution ministry to come to India to teach church planting. This was to be our second experience in doing the Great Commission together with Christian brethren from other nations in a peer relationship. Our first experience was the Monterrico church plant together with a team of Peruvian brethern, and now our role was to work in harmony with and under the auspices of our Indian partners.

No longer were we the independent, self sufficient, all knowing American missionaries arriving on the shore to show the way in India. We found ourselves working with Christians who have been serving our Lord for many years. In the case of India, the gospel had arrived in that country with the Apostle Thomas about 2,000 years ago! Yes, we did have something to offer the brethren in India, but we could not have done our ministry without the infrastructure that had already been established by our partners. We needed each other.

That is what partnering is all about in doing the Great Commission cross culturally. Rather than behave as though there was only one place on the planet that was obedient to the Great Commission, we desire to continue building on the foundation that has been established globally and work together with our brothers and sisters in every nation who desire to bear fruit for our Lord.

ABWE missionary Calvert Dixon ABWE missionary Calvert Dixon

Partners in the Caribbean

We were invited to the Blue Water Bible College on the island of St. Thomas to minister throughout the graduation exercises in May. Rich spoke in chapel to challenge the students for cross cultural missions. Then at the graduation banquet with students, faculty, administration, parents and board members, Rich was the keynote speaker giving a challenge from 1 Timothy 4.

The theme at the Blue Water graduation this year was "Ready to Go" and it was quite evident that the 17 graduates were quite prepared and ready to go. One of the students caught our attention as she shared her desire to be a missionary in Africa. It turnes out that her brother is also a graduate of Blue Water and with his wife and baby are missionaries in France. To get a video glimps of the ministry of Nicholson Alcendor in France, click here. 

These are the types of ministries that we are interested in nurturing. If we can encourage and help believers in the Caribbean to use their language abilities in French, Dutch, English, and Spanish for example along with their citizenship in these European countries, we can accomplish much more in a shorter time for our Lord. Check out some of the photos of our trip to St. Thomas by clicking on this link and visiting our Photo Albums

Calvert Dixon is an ABWE missionary on Pre-Field ministries raising prayer and financial support to return to the Caribbean. Calvert is originally from the island of St. Kitt in the Caribbean and also a graduate of Blue Water Bible College and Tennessee Temple Graduate School. Please do pray for all our missionaries on Pre-Field ministries in these challenging economic times.

We are anticipating a wonderful ministry as Carmen arrives in Nicaragua in June We are anticipating a wonderful ministry as Carmen arrives in Nicaragua in June

Partners to Be

What a blessing to partner with sending churches here in the US. Just recently, we were in Matthews, North Carolina for the Commissioning service for Carmen Heffner on her way to Nicaragua. Carmen just reached 100% of minimum support needed to leave for the field and we participated with her home church to send her off with love, blessings and the promise to "hold the ropes" for her. Check out the photos of Carmens commissioning service here.

We also had the joy of accompanying Darlene Gabler at her home church in Maryland to send her off for her second term of service in Mexico City. The role of sending churches is so important in the lives of missionaries.

Nicaraguan leaders in training Nicaraguan leaders in training

Partners in Nicaragua Please do pray for this outreach.

Another ministry that we are anticipating in Nicaragua this summer is teaching another section of the church planting material in the Institute for Church Planting (ICP) in Managua. This will be the second time that we have been able to partner with our ABWE team in Nicaragua in the ICP. The reports are exciting as the new church plants are beginning to develop. The sprouting of new churches has occured a bit differently than our theory, but the bottom line is that new churches are indeed coming into existance through a wonderful partnership with a group of Baptist churches in Nicaragua who wanted to start 50 churches in the next 10 years.

This is also one of the ways we desire to partner with our fellow believers in other nations to carry out the Great Commission. Thank you for praying and participating with us in these outreaches. We are all partners in this task.

Partners together with you Partners together with you

Partners With You
Please also pray with us as we put together a wonderful new project of taking the new ABWE Good Soil evangelistic and followup material to India later this year. By God's grace, we will be able to return to India to have this material translated into Tamil, Telegu, Bengali and Hindi. Then after the printing teach how to use these wonderful tools. We will share more about this in our next newsletter.