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Going Up

Rich and Jo Ann Davis on February 26, 2009

2004 Tsunami coming over the trees 2004 Tsunami coming over the trees

"Therefore, since we are receiving a kingdom which cannot be shaken, let us have grace, by which we may serve God acceptably with reverence and godly fear." Hebrews 12:28

Koncern in the Kingdom

As we mentioned in our last epistle, the Ninth Wave is the one that many have reason to fear while others love the adrenaline rush of riding that wave on a surfboard. If we thought the Ninth Wave was big, what are we to think of the rising "Economic Tsunami" in the US and around the globe? Is anybody up for an exhilarating ride into the trees along the shoreline?

Actually, that thought is not farfetched from what Lord Nicholas Stern, the eminent British economist said recently in Cape Town, South Africa to a select group of 24 ministers from 16 nations considering the cost of global climate change. Stern and other economist and scientist believe that global warming might cause the ice in the Antarctica to melt raising ocean levels worldwide. Stern predicts an extended world war as a result of millions or billions of people relocating to other places to survive. Melting ice, rising seas, dwindling lakes, and war are what these elite thinkers are worried about these days. (http://www.foxnews.com/story/0,2933,498133,00.html)

Not being scientists or economists, we wouldn't pretend to enter the fray concerning the validity of these fears. Our inclination is to doubt the "scientific" evidence that seems to move the politics of the global warming alarm in our day.

However, there is little doubt that national and world events seem to be indicating that something big is happening. Something beyond the control of man is swirling all around us. We are living in very exciting days which keep us looking up because we may be caught up in the clouds to meet the Lord in the air soon. Our desire is not to escape the growing economic and political turmoil or to get our white robes ready to meet the Lord on a hill somewhere. It's simply that we can't help but see the clear signs that the Scriptures indicate concerning the goal of history that God is orchestrating.

All signs point upward as do the reports from our different fields of ministry. Thank you for your part in making the following report possible.

Our visit to the Ministry of Health - Nicaragua Our visit to the Ministry of Health - Nicaragua

Doctors in the Kingdom

We were able to make two trips to Nicaragua both of which were fruitful. The first trip was to participate in a medical survey laying the groundwork for a future medical ministry in Nicaragua. We visited several clinics and government offices in order to get all the information needed to develop our ABWE strategy in this colorful country. The ABWE medical personnel provided us with the combined experience of those who have worked all over the world in medical ministries. Check out the Photo Album of the medical team on this trip.

Dr. Pat Ryal and his wife Bonnie were with us on that survey trip and they have gained 100% of their minimum support and are now in Costa Rica studying Spanish! What a joy to know that they will soon be on the field in Nicaragua.

By God's grace, the Ryal's will be able to take a short break in their language study next July to join an ABWE medical team in Nicaragua for an evangelistic outreach. Jo Ann and I are also planning to participate in this very effective ministry. Please pray for all the factors that will contribute to making this outreach possible.

Practicing with Good Soil materials Practicing with Good Soil materials

Teachers and Students in the Kingdom

Our second trip to Nicaragua in September/October was one of the most fulfilling trips for both Jo Ann and me. Jo Ann had the privilege of speaking to a couple of ladies groups which was like the "good old days". Rich had the extreme joy of teaching all day for several continuous days in the Institute for Church Planting (ICP) at our ABWE Ministry Center. Check out the Photo Album of the teaching ministry on this trip.

The first segment Rich taught was a module on church planting as the approximately 30 students in the ICP are planting between 12-16 churches right now! There is nothing more exciting to us than to know that our ABWE missionaries in Nicaragua are partnering with Nicaraguans to plant so many churches simultaneously and they invited us to help in that outreach too.

The next training that Rich did was the evangelism and discipleship course based on the chronological presentation of the story of redemption. Funds were provided to supply each student with a starter kit and by the end of the training the national pastors, student church planters and lay folks from local churches in Managua were ready to be cut loose to use the new evangelistic tools of "The Story of Hope" and "The Way to Joy". We do want to thank many of you who gave toward supplying the Good Soil kits for each of the students. They are thrilled with their new tools.

In January, we were back in Peru collaborating with our ABWE team in Lima concerning the Monterrico church and school. The senior pastor of the Monterrico church, Salvador Bazan, has held that title and responsibility for the last 7 years since 2001. However, work still needs to be done to help Pastor Salvador, and other leaders of the church, accomplish the goals and purposes of the church and school. Rich is also an "Associate Pastor" of the church besides being the founding pastor, and has been the primary person responsible for the oversight of the school until just recently.

It was a blessing to work closely with the ABWE team on the field in Lima along with my colleague Bob Trout, who is the ABWE administrator for South America, and the leaders in the church/school. Progress was made and we are daily praying that the Lord will give wisdom to all those involved and affected by the decisions that are being considered in these days. Please continue with us in prayer for the Monterrico church and the Christian School connected to it. This ministry has been a major part of our lives and ministry for the last 10 years and we truly desire to see the Lord glorified through all that has been done and invested there.

Students at Baptist Bible College listening to Rich challenge them for missions Students at Baptist Bible College listening to Rich challenge them for missions

Recruiting in the Kingdom

At the beginning of February, after a bout with laryngitis, we participated in the Missions Conference at Baptist Bible College and Seminary in Clarks Summit, PA. What a joy to be with so many young people who are preparing to serve our Lord in some capacity. The students were sincerely interested in being involved in the Great Commission whether from the US or going cross culturally to another place.

Then with one day for travel, we drove to another Christian University to participate in the two day Teacher Recruitment Conference. Our purpose was to meet and interview possible teachers for the Monterrico Christian School in Lima. Once again, we met some wonderful young people who are mapping out their next steps after graduation. By God's grace, some of these young teachers will be called to serve in our school in Peru. Please pray with us that the Lord would supply all the teachers we need in Lima.

A chronological presentation of the story of redemption A chronological presentation of the story of redemption

Making Disciples in the Kingdom

By God's grace we are going to return to India to implement the Good Soil materials in India. Our newest "Good Soil Project" involves taking the Good Soil material that has been adapted for the Hindu worldview to the second most populous country in the world. We will have the books and training materials translated into 3 major languages and print them as well as the English version. Once the materials are ready, Jo Ann and I will conduct several Good Soil seminars to train our Indian brethren. Our partners in India are already anticipating this ministry and are anxious to get their hands on these wonderful evangelistic and discipleship tools in their language.

This project will require between 3-4 trips to India over the next year or so to oversee the different stages of the material development and training. Translation and printing are also factors in the cost of the project. We are estimating that to complete the project we will need $60,000 which will allow us to print thousands of copies of the material in 4 languages and train hundreds of believers.

Before we were even able to ask for prayer and to share the project with most of you, $32,400 has come into the project account and another $5,000 has been committed! That means that we are already well over the half way point in the project. Please pray that the Lord would provide the remaining $27,600 for this fantastic outreach for souls in India.

If you believe that this would be a worthy investment in the work of the Kingdom in helping to fulfill the Great Commission, please send your gift to the ABWE Donor Services designated for the Rich & Jo Ann Davis sub account "Good Soil Project" (006). Also, please pray as the finishing touches are being put on the adaptation of the materials for use in India

Prayer in action Prayer in action

Support in the Kingdom

There are many ministries that Jo Ann and I need to do, but we are greatly limited by the rather large deficit in our monthly support account. We need to come alongside our missionaries in several countries as well as connect with national partners who desire to do more Great Commission work in church planting and in sending out cross cultural missionaries.

Our vision is great and our enthusiasm is bursting with pent up energy to do all we can for Christ in the region of the world that we oversee. The frustration of being held back because of finances stands in stark contrast with our desire to make an even greater impact.

Jo Ann and I arrived in California in November of last year and visited our supporting churches in that state. We were able to speak in all but one supporting church in California and present the exciting opportunities we have already experienced and those still open to us in the weeks and months to come.

Every Sunday through November and December were filled as we enjoyed the fellowship of so many who have been a part of our ministry for 35 years. We are so thankful for those churches and every one of our supporting church who have been so faithful throughout all these years. We would love to find a way to continue this reporting ministry in our other supporting churches in the months to come. So much time has elapsed since we have last visited our faithful friends.

While the world around us is shaking with fear and uncertainty, the kingdom which we are receiving cannot be shaken, as Hebrews 12:18-29 reminds us. What a source of comfort and encouragement these words are as we experience the effects of the course of history.

As the Apostle John clearly wrote, ". . . for the time is near." (Revelations 1:3 & 22:10) If the time was "near" two thousand years ago, how much nearer must it be today? We need to do extraordinary things and make a greater effort than ever before to see the nations worshiping the Lord before he takes us home in the Rapture. Please pray fervently with us that the Lord would supply the more than $2,300 a month that we still lack for our monthly support.

Caribbean partners waiting for us to help Caribbean partners waiting for us to help

Future Kingdom Workers and Work

In March we will be at the ABWE headquarters for several important activities. The second ABWE winter Candidate Seminar will be taking place and there are several new prospective missionaries interested in Nicaragua and other Central American countries. We will be working with these folks and participating in their training during the seminar.

Another vital seminar taking place at headquarters in March is for those pre-field missionaries who have obtained at least 85% of their minimum monthly support. These missionaries are almost ready to launch out to their respective fields of ministry and are now going to receive further training to help insure their success as they arrive for their career ministries. We will be participating in this Pre-field seminar and helping with the training of these new cross cultural workers being sent out.

Sandwiched in between these activities, the ABWE Board will be holding its annual meeting. Among other things, Rich will be reporting to the board concerning the administration of the Caribbean, Central America, and Mexico (CCAM).

There are many areas of the CCAM region that could use attention and our presence this spring and early summer. We need to schedule our trips and purchase our airfare. By God's grace, the resources to do these ministries will be in place so that we can report to you wonderful results from Trinidad, St. Lucia, Costa Rica, Mexico and Nicaragua.

There are also several Caribbean countries that we are invited to visit as we are able. There is a real interest throughout these Caribbean islands in partnering with us. We would love to personally meet these dear brothers and supply their need to be trained for church planting and missions. Please pray that the Lord would allow us to carry out the desires that He has placed on our hearts for His glory.

You can see the most recent prayer list of all the requests found in this letter along with other continuing request. Thank you for your faithful prayer support. To see the Quick Prayer & Praise page please click here.