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Harvest Commemoration

Rich and Jo Ann Davis on November 7, 2007

Rich & Jo Ann rejoicing in the blessings Rich & Jo Ann rejoicing in the blessings

Celebration of Cross Cultural Harmony

"Abide in me, and I in you. As the branch cannot bear fruit of itself, except it abide in the vine; no more can ye, except ye abide in me. 5 I am the vine, ye are the branches: He that abideth in me, and I in him, the same bringeth forth much fruit: for without me ye can do nothing." (John 15:4-5)

Historical Partnership in the US

In 1621 the first harvest and resulting Thanksgiving in the new colony's was celebrated. The governor of the Plymouth Colony in Massachusetts invited the Wampanoag people to join them in the feast. In those days our forefathers really knew how to celebrate. For three days they fed and entertained the Native Americans.

It turns out that the folks in the Colony of  Massachusetts were particularly grateful to Squanto, the Native American who taught them how to both catch eel and grow corn. He also served as their native interpreter (as Squanto had converted to Christianity and learned English as a slave in Europe). Without Squanto's assistance, the settlers might not have survived in the New World.

If we were to put this into present day context and view it with missionary eyes, we might say that our forefathers were thankful for the national partners that the Lord provided - along with the fact that some of the pilgrims were still physically alive! Since those days, we have learned a lot about cross cultural adaptation and the Lord has blessed so abundantly.

The Henzler family rejoicing The Henzler family rejoicing

Partnership in Nicaragua

We have been busy in the role of administrator for the

Caribbean, Central America and Mexico (CCAM)

. Much of our work in this area is behind the scenes, but the joy of seeing souls saved and churches started is the same.

One of our personal goals is to encourage our missionaries to implement innovative concepts in training and church planting in partnership with national leaders in their respective countries. We used some of these concepts in India with success. Now our ABWE missionaries are improving on these concepts and the early results are very encouraging.

Nicaraguan pastor and architect Jose Travillo had a compelling vision?to reach the towns around Santo Tomas in eastern Nicaragua for Jesus Christ. But how could one person do such a big job alone?

Meanwhile, Mark and Diane Henzler, ABWE missionaries in Nicaragua, were praying along with the rest of the Nicaragua team about a vision of their own?to start an Institute of Church Planters.

When Pastor Jose Travillo heard the Henzlers? plans, he said, ?This is what I?ve been waiting for!?

And Pastor Travillo was not alone in his excitement about the new Institute.

The ABWE team in Nicaragua had been praying that God would help them start 12 churches in the next 2 years. Now, Mark writes, "Do you realize we could be starting something like 30 new works in the next 2 years?"

Please click here to see an exciting report on the Church Planting Institute in Nicaragua.

Please click her to check the latest on our "Quick Prayer & Praise" page.

ABWE Theological Teacher David Brandon in Trinidad at BSWI ABWE Theological Teacher David Brandon in Trinidad at BSWI

Training in Trinidad

September began with Rich flying to the Caribbean country of Trinidad and Tobago to visit the island of Trinidad for the first time. Two ABWE families serve as career missionaries in this fascinating country.

Tim Bahula is the Director for the

Baptist Seminary of the West Indies (BSWI)

 with a wonderful ministry of preparing national leadership for service in the local churches in Trinidad and other Caribbean islands. It was a blessing to get a feel for the culture and warm people of Trinidad and to see the Baptist Seminary in action.

Rich had the opportunity to participate in a multi-church youth rally as well as preach in a couple of Trinidadian Baptist churches. The pastor of one of those churches is ABWE missionary Dennis Slothower who is home in the US on regular furlough until May of next year. It was a joy to get to meet the friendly people in Dennis & Bonnies' church out in the countryside.

A newly appointed missionary couple, David and Alice Brandon, are anticipating a very unique ministry in our Region as Theological teacher at large. David met Rich in Trinidad and taught a two week module at the Seminary. It was helpful for Rich to spend some time strategizing with the Bahula family and David.

To see some of our pictures of Trinidad, please click here.

Preparation in Mexico

In September, we spent two weeks in Mexico in our role as administrator for the ABWE Region of CCAM. One of the most challenging cities we have ever seen is Mexico City with a population of 33 million people! There are many obstacles to church planting, but there is no doubt that a huge and open city lays before us with a great need to understand and respond to the gospel.

Please click here to see some of our photos from Mexico City and the Regional conference.

After spending a week with our ABWE team of missionaries in Mexico City, we met the entire force of ABWE missionaries from 


. This was a week of intensive training as our missionaries sharped their tools to stay on the cutting edge of missions. Effective and innovative concepts were presented in areas like evangelism and church planting.

In Portugal Polishing Curriculum for Training ABWE Missionaries In Portugal Polishing Curriculum for Training ABWE Missionaries

Planning in Portugal

The first week in October found us in Lisbon, Portugal. We had been invited to work with our ABWE educational team on refining materials that we use to train missionaries during our annual summer gatherings. Along with that work, we also were trained in some very cutting edge teaching tools that we have already begun to apply now that we are back in Peru.

There was also another purpose for our trip to Portugal. While there, we put our hearts and minds together to think through some of the newer and most challenging concepts in church planting. Since we were able to practice some of those concepts in India and also Nicaragua, we (along with Mark Henzler - Nicaragua) shared some of our experiences. Like iron sharpens iron, we were able to deliberate on the issues.

Some of you may remember that Jo Ann is of Portuguese decent. Since we were so close, we took a few days and flew to the island of Madiera where her family originally came from. It was so fun to visit her "people" even though we didn't have time to look up relatives.

Please click here to see some of our photos from Portugal.

Peruvian Naval Officers at Ceremony Peruvian Naval Officers at Ceremony

Caring for Cornelius

One of the most important events in the book of Acts is recorded for us in Acts 10. For the first time in history, and to the great surprise of the Christians in Jerusalem, God poured out His Spirit on the gentiles. It may or may not seem significant to most of us that the Lord chose "Cornelius the centurion, a just man, and one that feareth God, and of good report among all the nation of the Jews." (Acts 10:22) Cornelius was a military officer in the Roman army and the Lord had compasion on this particular gentile man in bringing salvation to him and his family.

Today, in San Jose, Costa Rica, Ryan and Gretchen Rought (ABWE) have a fantastic ministry to the police force called
















merica). Their ministry has also been used in Nicaragaua and by God's grace will impact many other "Authorities" in Central America and the Caribbean. As the officers come to know Christ through this ministry, they are being discipled in the local churches that ABWE is helping to establish.

However, much to our surprise, the Lord has opened the door here in Monterrico to also minister to the "Authorities" - Peruvian officers in training from all three branches of the Peruvian Armed Forces.

Jo Ann and I arrived back in Lima on Thursday, October 18 (after 4 months of traveling). It was amazing how fast things started happening here. The next day, Friday, we were informed by one of the secretaries at our Christian school (MCS) that a very good friend of ours, who is a high ranking naval officer, wanted to meet with Rich.

To shorten the story, the next morning (Saturday), Rich found himself, along with the Peruvian pastor of our church (Salvador), in the headquarters of the Navy Central Command here in Lima talking with the Admiral who is Commander in Chief of all three branches of the Peruvian Armed Forces! The Admiral is the highest ranking military person in the country.

The bottom line is that we are going to have the opportunity to share the gospel with Peruvian officers in training from all three branches of the Peruvian Armed Forces throughout 2008 and perhaps even into 2009! That is an amazing first day back in Peru!

Please pray for this new door of opportunity that the Lord is opening for us here at the New Life Baptist church and the Monterrico Christian School. Just recently, the father of one of our students from the Monterrico Christian School trusted Christ as his Savior in our home. Your prayers are vital to the success of all of these ministries the Lord has given us.

Once again, we invite you to read and print our "Quick Prayer & Praise" page for your prayer ministry. Here you will find, among other prayer requests, the great need for short or long term teachers to come to Peru and teach in the Monterrico Christian School. The new school year begins in March of 2008 and there are still several teachers needed for the coming year.

Happy Holy Days!

How appropriate that at Thanksgiving time we should be able to thank each of you for your faithful prayers and financial support. Prayer supplies the power which produces eternal fruit. Finances make it possible for us to be in the right place at the right time as we represent those of you who have sent us as your messengers of the gospel.

We should once again mention that we are dangerously undersupported at this moment with only 80% of our monthly support needs coming into our account at ABWE. We are asking the Lord to allow many who have supported us for years to increase their giving toward our ministries and also that perhaps He will put it on the hearts of other interested folks to become partners with us and join our support team. Now, it is possible to send support to our ABWE accounts online.

Please click here if the Lord is leading you to partner with us.

We pray that the Lord would greatly bless your family and your church during these wonderful days that we all dedicate to thanking the Lord for His wonderful bounty in our lives, and also for the coming of our Savior to the earth. We are convinced, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that His second coming is also VERY close. Aren't you?