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All Shook Up!

Rich and Jo Ann Davis on August 16, 2007

Please Pray for the physical and spiritual needs in Peru right now. Please Pray for the physical and spiritual needs in Peru right now.



A powerful earthquake, now listed at 8.0 in magnitude, shook Peru on Wednesday night August 15, 2007, killing at least 450 people and injuring more than 1,500. Jo Ann and I have recieved communication from our missionary colleagues and Peruvian friends who have shared chilling personal experiences, but with no greater harm more than a huge scare. Phone service was not available for many hours after the quake, but the Internet was working just fine. All ABWE missionaries are safe as well as our Peruvian friends in Lima.

Praise the Lord that the quake did not hit during regular school hours and all the children and staff are safe. The staff from the Monterrico Christian School reported that there were no structural damages to the buildings.

Prayer is needed for those directly affected by the earthquake. The epicenter area, Ica, Peru, to the south of Lima, has been hit very hard. ABWE has ministries and churches in that area. Some of you may remember that Jo Ann and I were involved in rebuilding several churches in that very same area after an huge earthquake took down the older adobe church structures in November of 1996.

Our ABWE colleague, David Stone, reported that the camp at Ica was completely destroyed when a tidal wave hit it. The caretaker pastor (who is also a personal friend of ours), Rigoberto Rolin, and his family fled to the sand dunes for safety, but because of the cold weather, their son returned to the camp for blankets. While there, a wall fell on him and broke his leg. He is currently in a hospital and our ABWE Lima team is sending funds to the family to assist in their immediate needs.

Thankfully, Jo Ann and I were not in Peru when the earthquake hit. We are still waiting to get news of how our apartment fared through the shakeup.

Coaching ABWE Missionaries in Summer Candidate Classes Coaching ABWE Missionaries in Summer Candidate Classes


An earthquake is not the only thing that can shake up your world. Constant change can also keep things interesting! This summer we have been in Colorado reporting to some of our supporting churches and also in Harrisburg, PA enjoying the privilege of being counselors and coaches to missionaries at all stages of their lives.

In a couple of weeks, Rich will fly to Trinidad to visit our ABWE missionaries there and learn all about their ministries. Then a week after he returns we will fly together to Mexico City to visit the missionaries on their turf. These trips are so necessary in order to understand the unique situations that each field must deal with as we seek to win the lost and establish churches.

Following the week in Mexico City all the ABWE missionaries from Mexico, Central America and the Caribbean will gather for a Regional Conference in Mexico (September 22-27). Special guest speakers from the ABWE home office will join us for training and ministries of encouraging. Dr. Loftis, President of ABWE, will work with Rich in teaching some new concepts in accelerated church planting. What a blessing to be a part of what the Lord is doing and going to do in Central America and the Caribbean.

Rich was asked to participate in an ABWE ?think tank? on the issue of accelerated church planting in Lisbon, Portugal. As we sense our world changing and the nearness of the Lord?s return, there is a renewed urgency to see as many as possible place saving faith in Christ. We are working together to help our missionaries work alongside national Christians in several nations to accelerate the process of planting new churches and fulfilling the Great Commission. We will be traveling to Portugal in time for the interaction at the beginning of October.

School of Missions Students School of Missions Students


The Lord is answering prayer in an amazing way as we bring what we have learned and experienced in India to Central and South America. It was far more than we could ever ask that the Lord would allow 37 churches to be started in India through the School of Missions students last year. Would it be possible to duplicate that in the Central and South America?

Can you imagine how thrilled we are that TWO Schools of Missions will be starting this year in Nicaragua and Peru! We are working with the ABWE teams on both fields along with groups of national churches to start dozens of churches in the next couple of years. Anyone with a compassion for the lost must be thrilled with the possibilities that this ministry envisions.

Please pray for all the details that must fall in place in both Nicaragua and Peru for this accelerated church planting effort to glorify the Lord. Jo Ann and I also have an increased need in our support and ministry accounts to help as we work in this expanded ministry.

Please also pray for the great need that we have for teachers at the Monterrico school in Lima. Classes start for the 2008 school year in March of next year and there is still a need for at least 4 elementary teachers.

Please praise the Lord with us as He leads in these challenging ministries. These are fantastic times to be serving our Lord and we are all in His service together.