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Teaching Them To Observe All Things

Rich and Jo Ann Davis on April 14, 2006

School of Missions Inauguration Day School of Missions Inauguration Day

The sound of chanting was especially strange given the early morning hour. Who would be chanting at 4:30 AM? As we stirred in our semi sleepy state, we were jarred back to the reality that we had arrived in a place where multiple millions were trapped in shocking idol worship. Our sense of purpose in being here has sharpened even more now that we have arrived and are immersing into the culture.

In the short space of two months since our arrival in India, we have seen the Lord do some wonderful things. Perhaps they would seem normal in another place, but we are learning that accomplishing goals in India is not to be taken for granted. You have been praying and there is no way to tell you just how important those prayers are to the success of the project we have been called to complete. The spiritual battle seems more real to us than ever before.

The School Of Life Still Going!

At the end of March, Jo Ann and I celebrated 40 years of marriage. When we told our Indian friends that we would be celebrating that milestone, they got so excited. It turns out that here in India the special anniversaries are 40 and 60 years of marriage. So, this milestone for us would be something like a 50th anniversary in the states. Our friends at the Faith Prayer and Tract League (FPTL) purchased the appropriate and beautiful wedding apparel for us and then held a recognition service on Sunday evening complete with cake and a reception dinner. If you go to the home page and click on the ?Photo Gallery? you can see some of the photographs from that event. In fact, there are 10 brand new albums with photos from several different experiences we have participated in during the last two months in India.

One of the albums has a few pictures of the new Toyota Innova Van that the Lord is allowing us to use during this year in India. We are so thankful for those who gave in order to make this car available to us since safety and reliability are so important in this country.

We would have to start a "Blog" on the web in order to tell you all the things that happen each week here in India. However, the pictures tell the stories without words. You might enjoy reliving some of our experience as we serve the Lord here in India and hopefully you can allow yourself a few minutes to check out the albums that interest you.

The School of Missions Has Opened 

Before arrival in India, we had carefully planned the curriculum and calendar for what has come to be called "The School of Missions". The date for opening day for the school had to be modified, but we were able to adjust quite smoothly. Rich is using a well prepared manual which was designed specifically for training church planters. The entire year worth of studies are being translated into Tamil and printed so that the students will be able to train leaders in the churches they start which will facilitate establishing daughter churches. Not only are the materials being translated, but each class is also verbally translated into Tamil as Rich teaches in English. This, of course, doubles the time it takes to teach each class causing the school day to be between 12 and 14 hours long.

Classes are being taught in two different cities each week. It takes a full hour to cross town from our "flat" (apartment) to the school being held locally in Chennai. The other location of the school, Pondicherry, is three hours from Chennai by highway.

Our first break from this schedule has been Easter week. Following Easter we will resume the schedule for another month and then have two weeks to prepare for a week long seminar on Dynamic Church Planting. We are very excited about that seminar as by that point we feel that the students will be ready to launch their concerted efforts in the new church plants.

Already the students have done research in new villages in order to evaluate the Lord's leading in planting a church. Many of the villages being researched have previously received Christian compassion ministries following the Tsunami which hit Asia last year. Now that the "soil" has been prepared, we are able to follow up those compassion ministries with true gospel based church planting.

Not only has research been done, but prayer walks have also been completed with some wonderful results. In one village, three people have come to know the Lord and are now being prepared for the next step of obedience. This is so encouraging because we are still in the foundation stage of our project and have not even launched the teams of church planters to begin the new churches! Fruit is already falling and we were simply looking and praying over the harvest!

Speaking of spiritual fruit, we have also personally been blessed to see a married couple come to know Christ through a counseling opportunity. For several weeks now, we have been visiting this couple in their home doing follow-up in an effort to teach them to observe all things that the Lord commanded. What a spiritual boost to see new Christians glowing with such obvious joy and enthusiasm after each visit. We leave their home feeling more encouraged than they do!

The Monterrico Christian School (MCS) Opens for 2006

Although we are in India, we maintain daily contact with the school personnel in Lima. Internet communications help immensely as we consult on administrative issues.

The projected goal for enrollment this year was 70 students and the Lord has blessed us by hitting the target. All the needs of the school have been met for this year including a team of fantastic teachers. To know the love and dedication of each teacher as they minister to every child and family is such a blessing to us.

Word has just come that we will need a Kindergarten teacher as well as a fourth grade teacher for next year. The 2007 school year in Peru begins in March. This means that whoever the Lord will call needs to answer soon in order to be able to arrive in Lima early next year.

Jo Ann and I are scheduled to be back in Lima by the start of the 2007 school year along with Ivan and Kristie Ashby. The Ashby's are in language school right now establishing the foundation for their ministry in administration at MCS. We are all anticipating an exciting year as our administrative team will finally be together working on the development of the school.

Because the school is still small, there are some challenges that we are facing. However, the Lord continues to guide and provide for every need and we count on your prayers for this wonderful outreach. It is a joy to know that we can contribute to teaching Peruvian children and their parents "all things that I have commanded youQuick Prayer and Praise" link on the home page. More than any other need we could possibly have, prayer is by far the most important. Please do use the Prayer and Praise page to keep informed for effective prayer.