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Déjà-vu - Oct 2005

Rich and Jo Ann Davis on October 20, 2005

Davis Family 1975 / Ashby Family 2005 Davis Family 1975 / Ashby Family 2005

Déjà-vu & Sharing With You

Last month Jo Ann and I were in Costa Rica and while there we had the joy of spending some time with Ivan and Kristie Ashby along with their three precious daughters. Some of our friends who have known us since our commissioning service 32 years ago had mentioned that seeing the Ashby family just heading out to the foreign field was like déjà-vu. So, we found a photograph of our family taken in Costa Rica while we were in language school in 1975 and then asked the Ashby's for a picture of their family in Costa Rica shot a week ago! What a blessing seeing this wonderful family on their way to Monterrico, Peru to work along side of us and eventually replace us.

What were Jo Ann and I doing in Costa Rica at the end of September? As summer began this year, Dr. Loftis - president of ABWE - asked Jo Ann and me if we would consider accepting the responsibility of being the Executive Director of Central America, the Caribbean and Mexico for ABWE. After praying about the decision during the summer months and seeking the approval of our home church, we accepted the privilege of working together with a fantastic team of missionaries and national brethren to fulfill the Great Commission from that region of the world.

We flew with Dr. Loftis and his wife, Jo Beth, to Costa Rica to attend a biannual regional conference for the ABWE missionaries of Central America, the Caribbean and Mexico. During that conference, Dr. Loftis announced that we had been appointed as the new Executive Director for the region effective as of June 2006.

To become Executive Director is not something that a missionary seeks to attain. For reasons that the Lord knows, He has showered His grace upon us in allowing us now to have an influence for His glory in an entire region of our planet. It is not possible to express in a few words how humble we feel to be given this responsibility. The words of the Apostle when he said "Brethren, pray for us" takes on new meaning in our lives.

Help us make them secure in the Lord Help us make them secure in the Lord

So Send I You

It is breath taking to consider all that the Lord has in store for us in the next few years! You too may be wondering how and when we are going to take care of the ministries we now have in our hearts?

We will be as brief and concise as possible in outlining the plan:

  • In two months (January 2006) we leave for Asia for a one year commitment in leadership training for church planting. Our goal is to see multiple churches planted during the year. This is going to be a very exciting ministry and we hope to share more with you concerning this in future letters.
  • In June of 2006 we will return to the states to assume the responsibility as Executive Director and participate in the ABWE Candidate Classes along with other meetings. Following those meetings, we will return to Asia to complete the year in the church planting ministry.
  • By January of 2007 we will return to Lima, Peru to rejoin Pastor Salvador of the New Life Baptist Church in Monterrico. The reunion will also include Nancy Miller (Administrator of the Monterrico Christian School), Ivan & Kristie Ashby and the school staff. We will all be working toward implementing the things that were learned during the three summers of study I took on Administration of Christian Schools at BBC in Clarks Summit, Pa. In the meantime we will be counseling and helping in decision making with the school by e-mail, chat and phone.
  • While based in Lima we will be flying periodically to Central America, the Caribbean, Mexico and the U. S. in order to fulfill our responsibilities and develop the vision as Executive Director. Our vision for the region is growing every day. Just to give you a hint, one of our dreams is that our experience in Asia will contribute significantly to the expansion of the gospel and the fulfillment of the Great Commission with a new dynamic in the region.
  • The time will come after a year or more in Lima when the ministry in Monterrico will be ready to release to very capable hands and we will relocate in the region of Central America and the Caribbean. This will allow us to focus our energies fully in the region.

The task of studying, researching, planning and preparing for the future ministries is mountainous. Jo Ann has registered to formalize and finish her preparation as a qualified educator. I have been completing the course work from the summer studies along with other reading and research for the new ministries. It may sound crazy, but we actually love the work of study because we are so anxious to do the best job possible in each area and our studies contribute directly to the work of the ministry.

By now you are keenly aware of our need for your consistent prayers on our behalf. As William Carey said over 200 years ago - "Attempt Great Things for God" & "Expect Great Things from God". Jo Ann and I are in a place in our lives and ministry where whatever abilities we may have mean almost nothing in the face of the challenge before us. We have offered ourselves as instruments in His hands to be used as He desires. Prayer is going to be the most important means of power in our lives and ministry. Please click here to see our updated "Quick Prayer and Praise" page and join us daily in prayer.