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Expanding the Vision - Aug 2005

Rich and Jo Ann Davis on August 16, 2005


"Lift up your eyes, and look on the fields; for they are white already to harvest.?" John 4:35b

Crossing The Country


We arrived in California this summer only long enough to see some of our family and pick up the car that our son in law and daughter Kim loaned to us for Home Ministries. We pointed the car east and headed for Pennsylvania.


We were at the ABWE Home Office for a week and then Rich went to Baptist Bible College and Seminary to finish up his Master?s program in Christian School Administration. The class work is now done and all that remains is to complete pending assignments. This preparation in school administration has helped tremendously establishing our school in Lima on a good foundation.


The Lord is so gracious and He is now leading us to enter into some very exciting ministry opportunities which has required a higher than normal level of consultation with those in authority over us. First, we needed to meet with our home church pastor and the deacons to share with them what we believe the Lord is leading us to do. With the leadership of our home church in full agreement we could continue. Following that first step of confirmation, we then needed to follow procedures within ABWE to be sure that our plan would also be in harmony with the leadership. It has taken until now for us to do these things decently and in order so that we could at last share with our supporting churches, friends and family what we believe the Lords is leading us to do.


Crossing The Ocean


As you may remember, the Lord allowed Rich to be a part of a relief team that ABWE sent to Asia following the Tsunami that killed so many people. Those of us with a Christian world view knew that God was in control of that entire situation and the question was, to discover His purpose in the mist of the storm. We soon found out a small part of that purpose in India. We ministered in many villages there and as a result of Christ like compassion saw Hindu elders ask us to help them know more about our faith. Villages along the coast of India have provided property where a Christian community center may be built for the purpose of preaching the gospel of Jesus Christ. This is one of the most unusual things that could be imagined. Coupled with that is the fact that the Indian pastor that we were working with is a capable leader with a great vision for church planting. The Lord had been preparing him long before the Tsunami. He shared with Rich the burden he had to start 50 churches.


Jo Ann and I have been in church planting ministry for over 30 years in Peru and I could begin to see what the Lord had in mind as He manifested His power over the sea. The door for the gospel was swinging open in coastal India and He already had Christian leadership in place for carrying out the task of building His church. All that was needed was someone to help them to establish these new churches on good Biblical grounds. This was the area of greatest need and the Indian pastor was asking for help to teach and mentor these leaders. As a church planter, I could see the tremendous thing that God was doing and was so excited. The result is that I have asked our fellow missionaries in Peru to allow Jo Ann and I to go to India for one year help get this church planting movement under way. Our home church concurs with this decision as does ABWE. It is apparent to all of us that the Lord is in this temporary change of location. Our calling and ministry remain the same. What is changing is simply the geographical location for a time.


Because our time in the states must be limited we cannot avoid the need to reschedule most of our regular furlough until the fall of 2007. There is time before our departure to India in January 2006 to visit some of our churches and friends, but we realize how unfair it is to ask pastors to squeeze us in at this late date.


While we may not have the opportunity to see all of you in person because of the short amount of time we will have in the U.S. before leaving to India, we trust you know how grateful we are for the privilege of being a part of your team in reaching the world for Christ. God continues to do great things.


Date added: 8/16/05