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Quick Prayer and Praise

A large class taking a 1 week module Large class doing a one week Module at the University (UDG)

You may find more details on these requests by reading the newsletters on this website. This is the place where a quick list of the most recent prayer request and praise items may be found. Our hope is that this page will serve as a quick and up to date list of churches and individuals to access as they go to prayer.

Please Pray:

  • That the Lord would provide the resources for Imago Dei's outreach ministries this summer

  • Pray for the church as we minister to the community with compassion ministries.

  • For the students returning to limited access countries to make disciples, plant churches, and be shinning lights for Christ.

  • For our training ministries with these bright young Christian university students at UDG preparing to serve the Lord with their lives.

  • For the Spirit's leading as we consider His will for us in the coming years.

  • For the situation in Moldova during this time of the Covid-19 pandemic.

  • For Strong Foundations - that many young people from suffering families would come to trust Christ through this ministry.

  • For the Christian University (UDG) now as we complete the Winter/Spring semester.

  • For our partner Mihai that the Lord would provide the needed support for his family as he serves in full-time ministry here in Moldova.

  • That as we mentor our friends and partners Mihai & Irina, Sergiu & Svetlana we would grow closer to Him and each other and be able to give them tools to continue serving the Lord here in Chișinău.

  • For both of us (Rich and Jo Ann) that we would continue to have the health and vitality to accomplish all that the Lord has for us here in Moldova.


  • For new members that are being added to the church

  • That members are being mentored and starting to serve at Imago Dei

  • For the joy of getting to know our students better and having the opportunity to mentor them 

  • For the joy of celebrating 55 years of marriage. The Lord is good!  

  • For those that have increased our support and some that are giving anonymously 

  • For friends that are caring for our home in PA and more while we are in Europe.

  • For financial supporters & prayer partners that have been faithful for 47 years! Thank you