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Moving Forward with Christ

The sense of urgency in making progress on the mandate of the Great Commission seems more challenging this year than ever before. The Covid 19 pandemic has created such a global response that many are predicting that the world may never return to what we knew as "normal" in January 2020. As the geo-political and economic circumstances around the globe appear to be spinning beyond the ability of men to control, we take great comfort in knowing that NOTHING is beyond God's ability to control. In fact, we are convinced that behind what appears to be chaos, our Lord is bringing history to the conclusion that He told us about in His Word.

There is no reason to fear even though there are many things that we don't know or understand. Nothing is going to take place that hasn't first passed through the Lords' hands. This is not the time to become paralyzed with a "let’s wait and see" attitude.

Faith in our sovereign Lord would find us increasing our efforts rather than standing still or worse yet, retreating. As one Alaskan likes to say “Don’t retreat – RELOAD”. We need to reload, redouble and recommit in our determination to make as many disciples as possible before the conclusion of this stage of history – this age. May the Lord help us all to give more and do more than we ever have before. We need to cover as much ground as possible in the short time that is left. This means that we must take larger strides forward for Him.