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About Us

For 33 years we served in the country of Peru and then we had a crisis ministry outreach in Asia which has developed into a fantastic spiritual opportunity. The Tsunami that touched Asia at Christmas time 2004 moved our hearts and eventually led Rich to help with ABWE relief efforts in the region.

In May 2006 the School of Missions (SOM) teams began going into coastal villages with Vacation Bible School for the children. Following that week of DVBS our first CELL GROUPS began meeting. By November 2006 there were 111 cell groups meeting in 25 different villages with a total attendance of 2,077. That was a sufficient basis for starting 24 new churches. By Easter of 2007 13 daughter churches have been started bringing the number of SOM churches to 37!. We are teaching the church planters that the Great Commission commands us to continue reproducing local churches until the Lord comes!

This entire project began as a result of the Lords working after the Tsunami and the ABWE relief effort with our partners in the region. Exciting things are happening at this moment as the School of Missions has completed training church 33 planters with a vision to plant many churches in the years to come!

Following the ministry in Asia, we were appointed by the then president of ABWE as the Executive Director for the Caribbean, Central America and Mexico (CCAM) beginning in June of 2006 to the end of 2011. After 5 years of serving the national believers, churches, and missionaries in that region we moved out of mission administration to another administrative role - this time in the Caribbean.

We served at Bluewater Bible College (BBC) on St. Thomas USVI from the end of 2011 to the middle of 2016. Rich was called as President of the college while Jo Ann became the Registrar, office administrator, counselor, and professor as Rich completed the ED. S post-graduate degree. Along with administrative responsibilities, we also both taught courses as needed at BBC. 

We hope you will enjoy discovering some of the wonderful things the Lord is doing in our lives as we now stand at the threshold of a new ministry in Europe. Our desire is that this little corner of the Internet will provide information that will be helpful to each person who drops by to see what's new.

We have been serving for the past three years in the country of Moldova in Eastern Europe teaching in the Christian University (UDG) located in the capital city of Chișinău and helping in the training of church planters in that country and beyond. Since our arrival in September of 2017 we have been privileged to help form a team of young seminary graduates and start the Imago Dei Baptist Church plant in the city of Chișinău. We were invited at that time to partner with the national leadership in teaching and mentoring servants for the Lord in that needy part of the world.

We have now completed 47 years of missionary service with ABWE and look forward to even greater ministries in the years to come before the Lord takes us to meet Him in the air.

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