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Ministry Opportunities

Missionary Service in Moldova 

Since 1993, the University Divitia Gratiae (from Latin meaning "Riches In Grace University") has been preparing leaders to serve the Lord in Eastern Europe and Central Asia. While there are some well prepared Moldovan administrators and faculty, there is also a need for personnel with a broad range of ministry experience and a heart for the Great Commission. Perhaps the Lord would have you join our team to partner with our brethren in Moldova to reach their country and beyond. Click here to visit the English version of the Universities website. 

How the University Is Making A Difference

Originally, the University was called The College of Theology and Education (CTE). Over the last 23 years, the Lord has caused this institution to become one of the most important training grounds for students coming from several nearby countries as well as Central Asia. There are now over 1,200 graduates serving the Lord in many of these places. Foreign personnel may not be able to reside in certain creative access countries, but their citizens can. We can make a difference in the lives of these students and they will make a difference in their countries. 

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